May Workout Routine

It’s May and I am so excited for this month’s workout routine. All this week I’ve been struggling with almost zero motivation to workout. I have hit that time period that often leads to me quitting any solo workouts. I am determined to make this time different.

What motivates you to keep going? Does it help to stay consistent in your routine or do you need to switch it up every once in awhile? Once, long ago when I first made it, I named my workout board on Pinterest, Inspire. I named it that not just because I wanted it to inspire me, but to also remind me that I wanted to be an inspiration to others. That dream hasn’t changed, I just needed to remember it.

I’m finding that I like predictability in my day-to-day workout. I want to know what I’m doing, what order I’m going to do it in, and how many reps I’m doing. I know it’s good to switch up your routine so that you’re not targeting the same exact muscles over and over, so on weekends I do a different routine. I tried to give myself the weekend off but I’d be sitting on my couch thinking, Let’s go do some squats. Or a few crunches. Can’t you hear the weights calling your name? I eventually gave up and devised the weekend routine for April. It wasn’t as intense but still left me feeling like I did something.

If anything good is coming of this season of “don’t wanna” it is that I am learning the difference between motivated and dedicated. I had to tell myself the other day, “You can do these squats. They’re the same you did yesterday so you can do them today.” Now it’s May and I’m changing up my routine. I’ve included all of the areas I’ve focused on separately the last three months into this month’s routine. I have a goal in mind and I’m going to achieve it by summer’s end.

Whether you follow this routine exactly as I am or if you take bits and pieces to devise your own personal routine, I hope it helps you achieve your goals. Feel free to increase or decrease number of reps and weights depending on your exercise level. Happy Exercising!!

As always, please consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise routine.


Warm Up: Squats
Week 1: 20 reg. 20 Plié 8 lbs
Week 2: 25 reg. 25 plié 8 lbs
Week 3: 30 reg. 30 plié 8 lbs
Week 4: 35 reg. 35 plié 8 lbs

Legs, Glutes, and Core: Begin with 20 reps on each side. Increase reps by 5 every day. (Day 1: 20 reps each side; Day 2: 25 reps each side; etc.)
~ Fire Hydrants
~ Donkey Kicks
~ Clams
~ Crunches
~ Sit Ups
~ Heel Touch Crunch

Chest and Arms: 3 sets of 15 (I use 3 lb dumbbell weights)
~ Superman
~ Dumbbell Chest Fly
~ Dumbbell Row
~ Elbow Squeeze w/ Overhead Press
~ Tricep Overhead Press

Stretches: 30 seconds each side
~ Calf Stretch
~ Butterfly
~ Straddle Stretch (Left, Right, & Middle)
~ Jazz Split Stretch
~ Wide Leg Forward Bend
~ Runner’s Stretch

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