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May 2023 Reads and Reviews

How crazy is it that May is over and it's June already? May was another whirlwind month for us so I didn't post a lot. It was full of appointments, recitals, and a vacation with friends. Thankfully I did have time for some reading. I probably would've gone absolutely bonkers if I hadn't. The Naturals... Continue Reading →

April 2023 Reads and Reviews

I'll admit it, this post is late because I had a hard time choosing which books to put on here. Two of them were no brainers for me, but beyond that I wasn't sure. Looking at my list of books, I wonder why I had such trouble, but maybe it was just too much of... Continue Reading →

March 2023 Reads and Reviews

March's reading list was filled with a lot of hits...and some misses. I thought I would have two highly anticipated books to review for you, but I only get to include one because Goodreads got the release date wrong on the second book I was waiting to come out. But the good news is that... Continue Reading →

February 2023 Reads & Reviews

Is it just me or is my title a bit wordy? Idk. Anyway. Last month I beat January's number of books read! Yep! I'm proud of myself. If you're wondering how I actually managed to read 25 books in February, know that there was a lot of insomnia involved. In the last few months, I've... Continue Reading →

January 2023 Reads & Reviews

Good morning! I mean to write this post last Wednesday, but like I said, our schedule was way off. Also, I read a lot of books last month and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to narrow the list down. I read about twenty books with a couple of re-reads in there. The good... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Mangas (so far…)

It's Friday, guys!!! Woohoo! Although I have a busy weekend coming up, so I guess this is actually my down time? Anyway, I'm finally writing the post I've been saying I'm going to write. I've reviewed a couple of mangas in recent posts, but today is all about the mangas I love. I have to... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Books of 2022

According to the list I kept last year, I read around 109 books with four of them being DNF. Honestly, that's a few less than the year before, but I did read some of those books multiple times. In any true book-dragon form, I cannot simply choose my favorite book. That is too much to... Continue Reading →

November 2022 Reads and Reviews

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving week. Unfortunately, all four of us went down for the count with sore throats and coughing last week. It was not fun. Hubby was the last one to get it and is still not feeling well. Ade was the first one to bring it home... Continue Reading →

October 2022 Reads and Reviews

If you don't know, vacation is a wonderful time to read. We took a road trip so I had a total of twelve uninterrupted hours to read as we traveled and it was glorious. The AirBnB we stayed at also had the perfect chair to curl up in and read, which is what I did... Continue Reading →

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