5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home.

If you haven't been keeping track, Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday. With many experiencing another lockdown or unable to go out for various reasons, it may seem like finding a way to celebrate will take too much effort. Don't worry, I've got some ideas for you! Whether you have kids or not, here are... Continue Reading →

What I Wish I Knew About Using a Planner.

It's the beginning of a new year and with all of the changes that are happening, you might need a way to keep everything straight. From a new health routine to resuming activities, a planner could possibly be the answer you need as life continues to move forward. The beginning of a new year is... Continue Reading →

Praising God

Praise and worship has always been my favorite time, anytime. I remember being on the playground swing just singing my heart out to God during recess. On church days, I always feel like there's not enough worship time. I'll be honest, Nights of Worship are my absolute favorite kind of nights. To me, praise and... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Self-Esteem

Can I talk about self-esteem today? It seems like everywhere there is an outcry to "Be yourself" and a general attitude of "Don't care what other people think of you, just be happy." Which is great and all, but all of these declarations that are supposed to encourage a positive self-esteem and self-image also come... Continue Reading →

Back to the Beginning

What first inspired you to pursue exercise? Was it a picture of yourself or someone else? A book? Or perhaps it was a diagnosis you received? While I hope it wasn't the last one, it is unfortunately a reality for many people. Whatever it was, is it time to revisit that initial motivation? Being healthy... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Rest.

I have been a start-stop-start-again-er when it comes to working out. Because of this horrible habit, I was determined that this round I was not going to stop. At all. No days of rest. I was too afraid that I would get back in that lull of Oh I'll just workout harder tomorrow. Only when... Continue Reading →

The Four Week Challenge

I am all up for challenging myself. Between paying attention to my body for health and dance reasons, I know it pretty well. I know what it is capable of doing and what it's not. With that in mind, every month I've added a few exercises to my routine that I knew would challenge me.... Continue Reading →

My Life Reflecting My Confession?

All who confess that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God.1 John 4:15 NLT The confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior must be a personal statement. It cannot be blithely said. We must contemplate it, seek it out, and meditate on it until it... Continue Reading →

Food for the Body

How many times growing up (or even now) did you hear the phrase, "You are what you eat"? This mantra is usually spoken whenever we consumed too much candy or food labeled as "unhealthy". Perhaps it came out as, "If you eat one more ______ you're going to turn into it." I'll be honest, I... Continue Reading →

May Workout Routine

It's May and I am so excited for this month's workout routine. All this week I've been struggling with almost zero motivation to workout. I have hit that time period that often leads to me quitting any solo workouts. I am determined to make this time different. What motivates you to keep going? Does it... Continue Reading →

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