My Little Herb Garden.

It's finally happening, guys! I am getting my herb garden. This is something I have wanted for awhile now and it is going to happen this Spring. Question: Do you say Herb with an H or not? I used to pronounce the H until my mom told me it was silent. However, I recently heard... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling with Star Wars Preschool.

Good morning! Or whatever time it is as you read this. I hope you are having a good Tuesday. Two weeks ago we made the decision to officially bring Isbe in on the Homeschool game, even though she's still pretty young. We bought her her own homeschooling books that match Ade's and now she begs... Continue Reading →

The Freedom of Homeschooling

I am so glad we chose to homeschool and not just because of Covid-19. The more we venture on this path, the more I'm wishing I had been homeschooled. The freedom that comes with setting your own course is absolutely amazing and with so many extracurriculars out there, it's easy to explore all different kinds... Continue Reading →

The Homeschool Game

How is it June already? It completely snuck up on me. According to a Facebook memory post, this is actually a regular occurrence. I'd like to think it's because I'm enjoying my life and not concerning myself with some future date. I know this year that's a big reason. Two weekends ago we celebrated our... Continue Reading →

The End of a School Year…And a Beginning.

Hello beautiful people! How are you doing today? Are you thriving or surviving? It appears the end of social distancing is in sight, but for many students their school years are wrapping up. Some have reached the final hurdle in their childhood schooling without the satisfaction of walking across a stage and being handed the... Continue Reading →

Beginning to Teach Them

Two weeks ago my hubby and I went on a date and during this date the topic of the kids learning about God came up. My husband said, "You know you can teach them at home, right?" I responded with an "I know," but inside I felt guilty because I hadn't been, at least not... Continue Reading →

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