The End of a School Year…And a Beginning.

Hello beautiful people! How are you doing today? Are you thriving or surviving? It appears the end of social distancing is in sight, but for many students their school years are wrapping up. Some have reached the final hurdle in their childhood schooling without the satisfaction of walking across a stage and being handed the token of all their hard work. I feel for these Seniors. I still remember my own graduation and the bitter-sweetness of saying good-bye to those I had learned beside. I could not imagine not being given that opportunity.

Senior 2008

In our house, our school year has officially begun. Ade is now in his first year of school and though it is hard, he seems to be enjoying it. Isbe, too, wants in on the fun and will sit with us as we go over the day’s lessons. I had originally planned to wait until fall to start his schooling, but having lessons outside was not something I wanted to pass up so we started a few months early. No one seems mad about it. I’ll say honestly that it is a learning process for all of us. Just today I had an “Aha” moment about how to teach Ade. I am absolutely sure it will not be my last.

When planning everything out, I knew I wanted to do a block sort of schedule, but a few weeks ago I came across something I haven’t heard of before: the Sabbath Schedule. It is exactly as it sounds, you work six weeks and then have the seventh week off. As we’re homeschooling and therefore not held to specific timelines, I thought this worth a try. We’ll see how well it works for us this year and either continue it or not when Ade reaches the next grade curriculum.

We’re still organizing and I’m making adjustments as we go along, but we are all excited to begin this new journey. I hope that soon we can feel safe enough to make outings that will enhance Ade’s learning. Until then we’ll do the best we can learning from home. I, for one, am excited about painting with leaves and flowers.

How is your child dealing with the school year ending? Are they sad that they will not be able to give their school friends a proper good-bye? Has distance learning been harder on them and you, or is your family finding it’s actually right up your alley? Whatever the case, I hope they’re able to meet up with friends soon. Happy Learning!

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