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May 2023 Reads and Reviews

How crazy is it that May is over and it's June already? May was another whirlwind month for us so I didn't post a lot. It was full of appointments, recitals, and a vacation with friends. Thankfully I did have time for some reading. I probably would've gone absolutely bonkers if I hadn't. The Naturals... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 39

In Chapter 39, God speaks of nature and the animals that dwell on the earth. He asks Job, Do you command them as I do? But what He shows us is the instability of a life built with pieces of the world and Him. In studying the thirty-ninth chapter of Job, I find confirmation for... Continue Reading →

April 2023 Reads and Reviews

I'll admit it, this post is late because I had a hard time choosing which books to put on here. Two of them were no brainers for me, but beyond that I wasn't sure. Looking at my list of books, I wonder why I had such trouble, but maybe it was just too much of... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 38

The path has been laid, the foundation set, and finally God speaks. The beginning of the Lord's discourse may seem combative, even demeaning, but what God's words do is break down the rest of the wall that is keeping Job from Him. This beginning also shows us just how great God is and how great... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 37

Can we all agree that storms, both atmospherical and of life, are hard? Yet there is opportunity to draw near to God in both. In the final chapter of his discourse, Elihu speaks about storms and the One who controls them. This is actually a great ending to his discourse because Job is navigating his... Continue Reading →

God’s Calling for Your Life.

It seems like each and every person is searching for the meaning of their life. With questions like, Why was I born? and What is the purpose of my life? a frequent refrain, it's hard not to question the meaning of our existence. For Christians, there's often another layer in that. We look to a... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 36

The majority of Chapter 36 is taken up with Elihu expounding on God's grace and mercy. In comparison, Elihu points out how Job has become lofty in his heart and judgmental of others. What does this mean for all of us? For one, God does not dismiss any of us. He operates in mercy and... Continue Reading →

Our First Week of Homeschooling

As of today, we have made it through the first week of our new school year. Even though we've been homeschooling for the last four years, this year we're working with a new schedule and new curriculum. We also have a designated learning space which makes everything easier! New Schedule This year I've split up... Continue Reading →

My Writing Process.

Before we get started, let me just say I really enjoyed making today's graphic. For whatever reason it was fun to make. Okay so today I'm sharing my writing process and this mainly refers to writing books but a few of these steps could also be used on writing blog posts, too. I wouldn't say... Continue Reading →

First Quarter Review

Welcome to April's First Friday Fitness! It's been a full three months of working out and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. I've kept it consistent and while I'm not seeing a dramatic change, I am seeing change. I'm feeling it, too. So today is all about going over the last three... Continue Reading →

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