The Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle.

Happy Friday! I know I haven't written a Fitness post in WAY too long. While I enjoy exercising and I do think it is important in a healthy lifestyle, I often feel like my knowledge on the subject is limited. So I've decided to begin a new segment called First Friday Fitness. While I may... Continue Reading →

Back to the Beginning

What first inspired you to pursue exercise? Was it a picture of yourself or someone else? A book? Or perhaps it was a diagnosis you received? While I hope it wasn't the last one, it is unfortunately a reality for many people. Whatever it was, is it time to revisit that initial motivation? Being healthy... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Rest.

I have been a start-stop-start-again-er when it comes to working out. Because of this horrible habit, I was determined that this round I was not going to stop. At all. No days of rest. I was too afraid that I would get back in that lull of Oh I'll just workout harder tomorrow. Only when... Continue Reading →

The Four Week Challenge

I am all up for challenging myself. Between paying attention to my body for health and dance reasons, I know it pretty well. I know what it is capable of doing and what it's not. With that in mind, every month I've added a few exercises to my routine that I knew would challenge me.... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

Until a few years ago I had a bad little habit of not breathing when working out. Whether it was executing a simple crunch or something that really needed my concentration, I would hold my breath. The only time it seemed like I was breathing through something was when I was stretching. That all changed... Continue Reading →

May Workout Routine

It's May and I am so excited for this month's workout routine. All this week I've been struggling with almost zero motivation to workout. I have hit that time period that often leads to me quitting any solo workouts. I am determined to make this time different. What motivates you to keep going? Does it... Continue Reading →

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Do you ever look at your workout routine and have the thought, I do not want to do that exercise? I don't mean as a whole, but an individual exercise that you think you have to do because someone recommended it or it's part of a Pinterest set you're doing. So you find yourself doing... Continue Reading →

Tracking for a Healthier Me

Can we talk about Food Tracking? Before this week, the only time I have seriously tracked what was eaten was when I did it for Ade's allergies. That's it. I may have done it for myself once upon a time, long, long ago, but...actually I think that might've been my grocery list I was writing... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Fill Your Time

With the social distancing timeline extended, I'm sure more than a few people are wondering what to do with their time. Whether you have kids or not, we need something to keep us from going a little coo-coo, right? Well I'm here to help provide you with some ideas to fill your time. I hope... Continue Reading →

Becoming Your Goal Self

I am by no means an exercise expert. Yes I have danced since the age of 11, but beyond that I am just a normal person who is looking at her post-baby body and going, "Ugh." However, I was thinking about earlier and I think there are three steps everyone needs to take when getting... Continue Reading →

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