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5 Things I Would Keep.

With Summer in full swing, the pressure to be “bikini ready” is at a max. Gone are the winter layers that so easily hide our flaws. We look in the mirror or at a picture and we start to think of all the things we’d change about ourselves. What if we look and see the things we’d keep instead? To counteract that way of thinking, both in myself and you, I want to share 5 features and traits about myself that I would keep.

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As I’ve gotten older, my list of things I’d change about myself has grown. Once, not long ago, there was really only one thing on that list. In the last few years, other things have popped up. This is due mostly to the after-effects of being pregnant twice and not having the energy to participate in a dance class or other workout. However, there are a few traits that will always be a part of me that I like. Focusing on them is better than focusing on what I don’t like, right?

My Long Hair

Growing up, my hair was always long. I remember cutting it to my shoulders when I was really little, maybe kindergarten or first grade at the latest. It was a decision I ended up regretting so from then on I kept my hair hip-length. Until my Senior year of High School when I finally chopped it in a shoulder-blade length shag.

Since then I’ve experimented with lengths (though never anywhere near a pixie) and colors. I have had more than enough time to realize that long hair is my preferred length. I love shorter styles and am no longer afraid of cutting my hair (mostly), but I will always long for the hip-length I grew up with.

It might sound weird, but I’ve always compared having long hair to a security blanket. It’s a comfort to me. Which is probably why I have never ventured into anything shorter than neck length.

As of now, my hair is almost there once again! Unfortunately, the majority of it is so damaged from the last color I did that I am going to have to have a major chop to get rid of the damage. I know it needs to happen, but as I am a mermaid and it’s summer, the hair length stays for now.

My Freckles

I genuinely love my freckles. I love how they pop after a day in the sun. I don’t even really have an exact reason why, I just absolutely love my “angel kisses”.

My Smile

My mom told me once that I used to not smile a lot. That’s not the case anymore. I love my smile, at least when I’m not slipping into my stage smile. My stage smile is so fake, but I slip into it pretty easily after years of practicing not letting it fall while performing. You can see the difference between the two, too. Or at least I can.

My Legs

I am short, hovering somewhere between 5’0″ and 5’1″. However, my legs are the longest part of me. Years of dancing has made them not only toned but strong as well. I learned early on that my legs are my best chance at self defense. Thankfully, I haven’t been in any serious situations where self defense was required, but I’ve at least had some training in how to properly use my body for self defense.

Maybe it was a mentality that came from my arms always being weak. I knew that my legs would never let me down.

My Imagination

Okay this one can be on either side, really. For the most part, I love my imagination. It’s what allows me to write books, to choreograph, to immerse myself in a story. It amazes me what I can come up with when I use my imagination. I truly believe it is a God-given thing. I think sometimes I see the world a little differently because of my imagination. I’m always living in my head just a little (or a lot).

The other side of that, though, is sometimes my imagination will kick into overdrive about things I don’t want to be thinking about. I’ll start to imagine all the ways my family could be harmed, especially when my husband is on a business trip. I literally have to pray against my imagination sometimes or I will be consumed by anxiety.

What are some things you love and would keep about yourself?

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