Misadventures in Getting a New Phone.

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday. How is your day going so far? How was your weekend? Mine was eventful, or so it feels like. Really it was just a lot of craziness on Saturday. I made some mistakes and learned a few lessons, but at the end of the day it all turned out well and that’s the main thing, right? Now, you might read this and wonder just how dumb I can be, but in my defense, I was under-caffeinated and felt like I was sleep-walking the entire day. So why am I sharing these misadventures in getting a new phone with you? At the very least, you might laugh. At the most, it might help you avoid the same mistakes.

Misadventures in Getting a New Phone.


Really the craziness started months ago with my old phone. I have had an iPhone X for about two and half, three years now. Within the last year or so, it began having some issues with the screen, I believe it was named the phantom touch. It would take a life on of it’s own and start selecting things, moving out of apps, or just plain glitching. At first I thought it was because my phone was overheating, but as time went on the problem would happen even when my phone wasn’t warm. I deleted apps, cache, updated it, reset it. Literally everything I could think of short of getting a new phone. We even changed the case and put on a new screen protector to make sure that wasn’t the issue.

Nope. It was to the point where I would be on it maybe five or ten minutes and it would start acting up. I could let it rest then get maybe another few minutes of safe activity. It was beyond frustrating. I was more than done with it when I finally admitted that I actually do need a new phone. So that’s what we did first thing Saturday morning.

Don’t Completely Wipe Your Phone.

I did a complete backup of my old phone last Monday. Friday evening, I did a double backup of all my notes to my computer because I had way too many lists and ideas that I did not want to lose. Saturday morning, when Isbe woke up at the crack of dawn, I got up and began deleting all my apps. Yes, I know a hard reset will do all that for me, but as I told my husband, I’m weird. Maybe I just wanted to feel like I was doing something, another step closer to actually getting rid of that absurd and frustrating device.

When I say we went first thing in the morning, I mean we were at the phone store within an hour of them opening. We went in knowing exactly what I wanted. We went through the preliminary information, and as I sat there, I was so done I completely reset my phone. I didn’t want it. I was done with it. The end. Good-bye. Thankfully, they had the phone I wanted in the store.

However, I still needed my old phone. But I had just wiped it. My day was about to get fun.


After we got my new phone, it remained inactive until we got home. Before that happened, though, we had a few other stops to make. Since they were out of stock on screen protectors in the phone store, we stopped at Best Buy. After that we had a date with Black Widow that we had to keep. This was non-optional. I am a huge Black Widow fan. I counted down the days for every release date given. I refuse to watch a certain End Game scene because I simply refuse to believe that she’s actually dead. They brought Gamora back, why couldn’t they bring Natasha back? Anyway. That’s an ongoing argument for another day.

Issue One: My Phone Won’t Show Up.

We get home, I set everything up in my room so I can spread out without worrying about little hands. I connect my phone, pull up iTunes, and…my phone doesn’t show up. It’s obviously connected. I google troubleshooting, do all the things. By this time, I just want my phone. I’ve been out of contact with my about-to-deliver-at-any-minute best friend for way too long. She could be at the hospital for all I know! Besides, I’ve always started from scratch on every other phone, so why did I make setting it up from a backup so important? Who knows.

In the end, I decided to stop wasting time and just set up from scratch. No problem. It would by-pass the whole new issue of my phone not appearing on my computer. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, done and the end, right?


Issue Two: Pairing My Watch

After setting up my new phone, I went to work on pairing my watch. Except my watch was still paired with my old phone. The phone that was completely wiped and had issues. The one I had already deleted from my list of authorized devices.

I googled again, followed the steps, and did a hard reset on my watch. When I went to pair the newly wiped watch and my new phone, it said my watch needed an update. Which I couldn’t do without it being connected to a phone, but I couldn’t connect it to a phone because it needed an update. As a solution, I borrowed my husband’s phone. He was going to take a nap and didn’t need it.

I went through the whole process of setting up my watch through his phone. This included having to go get the charger because it didn’t have enough battery life. I get it all done and go to update the watch.

There’s no update listed.

Okay great. Maybe it updated when it paired, I told myself, even though that didn’t make sense.

Whatever, now I should be able to pair it with my new phone. I unpaired it from my husband’s phone and got it easily paired with mine…

…Is what would’ve happened if I had known my husband’s password. Which I didn’t. Which is crazy because I know his passwords. I tried every single one of them that I knew, even his old ones. Nada.

Also, it turns out that when I went to pair the two, it was the brand new phone that needed the update not my watch.

So literally, by this time, it’s late afternoon and my face is just:

This is the picture I took and sent to my friend (who was not in labor and just chilling at home).

Issue Three: Resetting All the Passwords.

I’m pretty sure the easiest thing of my whole ordeal was having to reset all the passwords for my apps. Thankfully, there’s a list of all the apps you have ever downloaded. I was able to scroll through to pick and choose which apps I wanted to re-download.

You know, after I had searched for and downloaded most of the apps already.

Lessons Learned…

Yeah, so Number One:

If you’re getting a new phone, don’t completely wipe your old phone until you absolutely have to.

Number Two:

Don’t pair your watch to another person’s phone, especially if you don’t know their password. Or even if you think you do know their password. Just don’t.

Number Three:

Read things carefully. Make sure you’re trying to update the correct device.

Number Four:

Setting up your phone from a backup may be easier (is it?) but it’s not worth the frustration.

I hope you were entertained by my misadventure. Yes, I’m still calling it’s a misadventure because everything can be an adventure that you learn from.

In the End.

My new phone is now properly updated and paired. I’m still working on getting my notes and some other little stuff put on it, but it’s mostly completely set up.

In the end, I am glad that I completely backed my old phone up even though I didn’t use it to set up the new one. Well not directly. All my contacts were backed up so I won’t have to play a guessing game in the future when I get a phone call or text.

It is so nice being able to use my phone without it messing up on me. And the camera is WAY better. I’m loving it. I am just praying that I won’t have to go through this whole process again for another ten years or so. Yes, I tend to keep my phones for as long as I can. I will use it until it breaks. Which hopefully will not happen for years.

Have you had any misadventures when getting a new device? Do you find them hilarious now or are they still a sore spot?

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