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5 Things I Would Keep.

With Summer in full swing, the pressure to be "bikini ready" is at a max. Gone are the winter layers that so easily hide our flaws. We look in the mirror or at a picture and we start to think of all the things we'd change about ourselves. What if we look and see the... Continue Reading →

Self Tanning with Bondi Sands Pure Gradual Tanning Lotion.

Bondi Sands Pure is the newest line from the well loved company from Australia. I have watched a lot of tutorials and reviews for the Pure Self Tan Water and Pure Tanning Face Mist, but have found little on the Gradual Tanner. Since I prefer gradual tanners, I took a chance and purchased the Bondi... Continue Reading →

My Curly Girl Journey.

"I wish my hair looked like Merida's," I told my BFF, and I wasn't just talking about the color. Every time I watch Brave, I get curl envy. This simple sentence had me contemplating my hair more so than before. A few nights later I messaged another friend of mine asking what products she was... Continue Reading →

The Conditioner I’ve been Searching for?

Last week I was on the hunt for a new hair conditioner and, boy, did I find it. This isn't a sponsored post, but I felt the results I've experienced needed to be shared. Unfortunately, though my last shampoo and conditioner each smelled amazing, the build up they caused was absolutely horrible. My head constantly... Continue Reading →

Living with a Skinny Body

After my first pregnancy I became too skinny, sick. With my second pregnancy I had trouble gaining weight despite eating fatty foods, right or wrong. Afterwards, I would receive comments all the time about how people wished they looked like me after having a baby (or two), but in the early months all I could... Continue Reading →

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