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Plans and Changing Plans

Good day everyone. How was your Labor Day holiday? I had half a holiday, I guess? Hubby was home for most of the day and went into work after nap time, but since I'm not a morning person I think it worked out well. I've also been dealing with an eye infection that finally started... Continue Reading →

Same Home, New Look.

Right before we bought and moved into our house, the previous owners had it remodeled. I'm not sure of the extent to which it was remodeled, but I do know that it was painted and new flooring installed. I just remember walking in and my eyes landing on the fireplace. I've always wanted a fireplace.... Continue Reading →

Hello Again.

Good morning everyone! How have you been? Are you squeezing in the last bit of warm weather fun or are you already prepping for cooler weather? What has God been speaking to you in this season? I know that may seem like a strange question, but it is so important. He's always talking to us,... Continue Reading →

Our Homeschool Experience

I am SO excited to have my first ever guest post. Katy is a good friend of mine, a fellow dance and homeschool mom. She is my go-to when I have questions about anything homeschool related or when I need to geek out about our common interests. She is honestly my role model when it... Continue Reading →

The Reblog Button.

I believe that we can use every experience to help others. I recently had such an experience and decided I needed to share it so that other bloggers can decide for themselves if it's something they want. This experience happened because of the Reblog button. I hope this post helps bloggers everywhere, especially those who... Continue Reading →

Dazzling Blogger Award!

Over the weekend, I was catching up on reading some blogs. When I read that Shelly over at Growing with Spawn had been nominated for the Dazzling Blogger Award, I though it well deserved. I love how honest and kind Shelly is as she writes about mental health, blogging, and life in general. Even though... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening on the Blog?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are having a great day today. Are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you have any plans? I am still working on decluttering my kitchen so depending on how far I get today, I'll be working on that more this weekend. I wanted to come on here today... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Blogging Schedule.

If you have recently decided to jump into the world of blogging, the congratulations and welcome. I have been blogging for over a year now and while I am not an expert at it, I would like to share some of what I have learned from my research and from my experiences. Blogging can take... Continue Reading →

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