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Plans and Changing Plans

Good day everyone. How was your Labor Day holiday? I had half a holiday, I guess? Hubby was home for most of the day and went into work after nap time, but since I’m not a morning person I think it worked out well. I’ve also been dealing with an eye infection that finally started clearing up on Monday (yay!) so that was another positive. If you’re wondering, I am typing this out at my new desk! It’s still a WIP but I am happy to finally have my own little area.

House Update

Many of you know we had construction done a few weeks ago to convert our garage into an entertainment room. Since then we’ve painted the new wall and our desk area, we laid down some flooring, and we’ve put up a few book shelves. We still need to pain the rest of the room, build our window seat, put in carpet, and build the rest of the shelves. So basically we still have a ways to go, but it’s coming along. We’re doing this ourselves so it’ll take longer. Of course, when I say “we” I mean mainly Hubby is doing all the work and I’m advising. Not even supervising, really, because he knows what he’s doing more than I do. He just asks me my opinion, we work out what we want–compromising when we need to–and then he does the work with minimal help from me. I helped pain the accent wall a tiny bit and then stood on some of the flooring to keep it in place while he put it in. I’m not much of a handywoman lol.

We also somehow got more fish? Hubby took the kids to the park the other day and they came home with more fish from the store. They’re pretty cool looking, one is called an orange panda. Ade named that one Glitch. Hubby also bought a female maroon beta. She’s so pretty and currently nameless. They’re no husky puppy, but I guess they’ll do for now.


This year we’re trying a different homeschool schedule. We actually started our year back in April, finished up our first semester in July, and took the month of August as our summer break. I’ve learned that none of us do well if our breaks are too long. Taking two or three months off does not work for us. So really August was kind of an experiment and it went really well. We were definitely ready for the break, but it wasn’t hard getting back into the groove of school.

KiwiCo 🥝

Something I am really excited to try is the Kiwi Crate from KiwiCo. I learned about KiwiCo from another mom friend of mine and after looking into it extensively, we decided to go ahead and try it this semester. We should be getting our first box this week and I have high hopes for it. Ade is more of a hands-on learner, as I’m sure most kids are. Simply reading about things doesn’t hold his interest for very long. There are at least two projects in a box (I believe) plus other learning materials, so it’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. I really am hoping this will be a beneficial addition to our curriculum. Once we’ve actually experienced a few crates, I’ll do a review and let you know if my hopes were in vain or not.

Blogging Schedule

I’ve been really lax about blogging lately and it has really gotten on my nerves. I could come up with excuses that are legitimate, but they remain excuses. So I’m going to try a different approach. You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, Here we go again. If you are then know that I am doing the same thing.

I am currently aiming for posting three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think I have most of September planned out already, so at this point it’s just getting back into the groove of writing and posting. This kind of schedule gives me time to write posts out the day before, as well as giving me time to work on graphics and all the extra steps that go into a blog. (You mean blogging isn’t just writing? What?) So yeah, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m also debating doing a site overhaul, but I’m still in the brainstorming portion of that.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who is reading my posts and to those who are following Above My Waves. Your support means a lot to me, it really does. I love writing, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t, and I know this is part of what I am supposed to be doing. It might not always seem like it, but AMW is always in the back of my mind. I hope to continue improving and I hope you will continue reading.

How was your August? What are you looking forward to most in September?

If you have a blog, will you be doing anything different with it this month?

If you’re a reader, what’s one thing that is happening in your life that you are excited about? It doesn’t have to be happening this month, but I’d still love to know about it.

Happy Wednesday!

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