What’s Happening on the Blog?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are having a great day today. Are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you have any plans? I am still working on decluttering my kitchen so depending on how far I get today, I’ll be working on that more this weekend. I wanted to come on here today and let you know of some of the things that are happening with this blog.

I’ve been thinking a lot of what my vision for Above My Waves is and where I want to go with it. The good news is that my core vision for AMW has not changed, and it never will. I want to continue to reach people all over the world from every walks of life in the hope that I can encourage and uplift anyone and everyone who finds this blog. I want to help others find Life beyond the waves, even as I am doing the same.

However, as I look at my blog itself, I have decided to make some changes that are hopefully for the better. The first “change” that came is I now have an Instagram for the blog. You can follow me at @abovemywavesblog. I feel like this is a big step for me in reaching more people and am really excited for it.

The second thing is that I have made a change to the menu on the site itself, as well as some of the content. I hope the new menu makes navigating and finding blog posts easier. One thing about us as humans is that we sometimes gain new interests and lose old ones in the process. While I am still very much a supporter of health and fitness, writing about it doesn’t interest me as much. I explained the changes this means in my post The Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle a few weeks ago. As I explained there, I will be writing about fitness just not as much.

I’m working on some other changes that will be coming to fruition probably in the next few weeks. Nothing too major, I promise. Currently I’m working on a new color scheme. I’ll be honest in saying that while I do like the blog looks, I’ve never been completely happy with it. I’m hoping to give it a fresh facelift that will be bright and beautiful. So if you start to notice differences here and there, you’re not going crazy! All of this is just coming about as I work on fine tuning my vision for my blog.

Fellow bloggers, what are some of your favorite themes? Do you find giving a new look to your blog brings a freshness to your writing as well? What are some of your tips?

Happy Friday!

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