Same Home, New Look.

Right before we bought and moved into our house, the previous owners had it remodeled. I’m not sure of the extent to which it was remodeled, but I do know that it was painted and new flooring installed. I just remember walking in and my eyes landing on the fireplace. I’ve always wanted a fireplace. Now, about eight years later, we decided to make some changes of our own.

After coming home from our vacation, I decided that I really liked the beach theme. Luckily for me, our house is perfectly set up for it. Our walls are already a neutral sand color, our cabinet handles have a seashell design, and even our bathroom mirrors have a beach like feel to them. Which is where we started. Our bathroom.

Repainting the Bathroom

We decided to start small, just in case we didn’t like what we did. Hubby brought home ten different palette cards with varying shades of “sand”. From those, we picked three by holding them up in different varying lights and under the lip of the counter. One of the shades, White City, I was on the fence about and Hubby didn’t like it as much, so we ended up throwing that one out and getting cans of the other two.

Our original plan was to paint small spots on the cabinets and see if we like it. That is probably what any sensible person would do, right? Instead we ended up diving right in. We took everything out of our cabinets and drawers. Unfortunately we didn’t really have anywhere extra to put it, so we literally piled it up in our bedroom. Where it stayed for more than a few days.

We painted the cabinet insides and frames the darker Spanish Sand. The insides of the drawers were also painted the darker color, while the outsides and cabinet doors were painted the slightly lighter White Mocha. The difference between the two colors isn’t extreme, just slight enough that they offset and compliment each other.

We didn’t want all of our (mostly Hubby’s) hard work going to waste, so we bought clear shelf liners off of Amazon. I really liked these Gorilla Grip Drawer and Shelf Liners so that’s what we went with. We went with the 16″ x 20′ and had enough to do every shelf in our bathroom. Literally, our last shelf took the last of the roll. We could not have planned it better.

Organizing the Pantry

Around the same time we did our bathroom, I looked at our pantry and hated it. It had become so messy with too many loose items. I had a sort-of idea of what I wanted it to look like, but I wasn’t quite sure how to execute my vision. So I turned to Pinterest.

Ah Pinterest. The savior of every DIY inept. I found enough posts there to figure out exactly what it was I wanted. Then I headed to Target.

Target has a lot of options for storage. There’s soft cloth baskets, cute wire baskets, colorful plastic bins, and clear stackable bins. I went with their Brightroom collection as it was the streamlined look I’m going for. Plus, stackable is necessary for small pantries.

My main focus this time around was the kids’ snacks. I wanted a space where all of their snacks could be together without being loose. A lot of their snacks are individualized servings that come in bulk, like what you would put in a lunchbox, so we definitely need a way to keep them contained without filling up the shelves with boxes.

We also have a lot of spice mixes and baking ingredients that were scattered and messy. It was driving me nuts. Not to mention my tea collection. That definitely needed cleaning up.

Since I was just starting, I went with a lower bin count to make sure I liked what I was doing. Nothing like buying in bulk and then absolutely hating how it looks. I went with three smaller bins and two medium sized ones. I ended up loving the look and will definitely need more.

I used one of the bigger bins to store my cleaning supplies under my newly done bathroom sink. The other one I used to store their loose snacks in the pantry. Each of the three bins was used to store the other loose items in the pantry.

I placed both the kids’ snack bin and other things they eat on a lower shelf so they can reach them. I still have one of those plastic baby-proof door handle things on the pantry door so they can’t just raid their snacks behind my back. We’re slowly working our way into them being more independent.

I, admittedly, still have a ways to go in getting our pantry completely organized. I need to buy a few more bins to organize things like our cans and sauces. I also have a vision of having my bathroom more organized, maybe a bin with our towels rolled up quaintly in it. Am I too ambitious? Possibly. Will my hardworking be undone within three months? Hopefully not.

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Speaking of the kitchen, as I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I helped my hubby carry out our old dishwasher. The house came with all the kitchen appliances, thankfully, but of all the appliances, the dishwasher has shown the most wear and tear. I was having trouble getting dishes clean and the racks were literally beginning to rust and break off. We looked into replacing the racks, but they were nearly as much as a new dishwasher. So we went with the new dishwasher.

While the original appliances are white, we’ve decided to slowly break away from that. We prefer the stainless steel look and it goes with my long-term vision for our kitchen. That vision may or may not include knocking a wall out.

I’m not going to lie, Hubby picked out the dishwasher by himself. The only input I had was whether it was stainless steel or white. I must say, he did great. There are three racks, which I have never had before and is actually nice. More importantly, my dishes get clean without a lot of extra effort from me! Yay! It took a minute to figure out the new appliance, but we finally figured it out and I could not be happier with our new dishwasher.

Go Fish

After all of these changes, why not make one more? So we bought a fish tank.

It’s something we’ve been discussing for a few weeks. Something we did on our anniversary date last month was go to PetCo and look at fish. At the time, it was something we weren’t going to do for awhile. Our timeline was somewhere around the end of summer at the earliest. However, after Ade’s first piano recital last weekend, we went out to eat and then went to pick out a fish tank and accessories.

As of right now we are sans fish. Apparently there’s a lot more work into setting up a fish tank than buying it, filling it, and putting fish in it. At least there is if you don’t want your fish to possibly die right away. When dealing with little kids, I suggest not letting the fish die immediately.

Right now we have a beautiful and colorful fish tank happily bubbling along. I sometimes forget about it and think the washing machine is leaking or something. I told Hubby that we don’t even need the fish, I’m happy with what we currently have. The kids, however, are super excited to have fish. So we’ll eventually get fish.

Have you made any changes to your home?

What were your experiences? Were you satisfied with how it turned out or did you end up changing it again?

I’d love to read about your experiences!

Happy Friday!

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