The Case of Breakfast.

Many people view breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and maybe it is. I couldn’t tell you as I haven’t done the proper research on it. What I can tell you is that there are many people, myself included, who have trouble eating breakfast. Why is it the easiest meal to skip? I am horrible at skipping breakfast. Unless you count coffee as a breakfast, then I’ve got it on lock. But I have a feeling coffee isn’t considered a healthy breakfast. Though the reasons are many, I am hoping the solutions I provide for a few will help many who are like me.

*As always, I am not a doctor, nor am I a dietitian. Please consult one or both before changing or embarking on any meal plan.

Sign in our Kitchen

Reason #1 No Energy for Preparation

I do not have the energy in the mornings to prepare breakfast. I am not a morning person and barely have the motivation to make my coffee. If you’re like me in this aspect, try preparing something the night before like overnight oats or put together the majority of a morning smoothie in your blender and set it in your fridge overnight. Or you can choose to have something that requires no prep like a cereal bar. I know they’re not the healthiest option out there, but I have found that it is better than nothing.

Reason #2 Nausea

You would think that this reason would only come up when you’re pregnant but unfortunately that isn’t true. I couldn’t tell you why but certain foods often make me nauseous and I’ve learned to avoid repeat offenders. (Why, pancakes? Why?) However there are times when I’m eating a meal that I’ve never had problems with before and *BAM* I’m feeling squeamish. If that happens then I try to eat a smaller portion of it. If that still doesn’t work then I call a break and will find something different to eat instead. If you suspect a single ingredient for the upset, like milk for example, try switching it out for something else if possible and see if that eases the morning stomach ache.

Reason #3 Not Hungry

I often find myself just not hungry before almost noon, usually when I’ve gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast. However, I have found that not eating breakfast causes me to make unhealthy food choices later so I find eating breakfast is preferred. If you’re like me this way, try eating a small portion of something or even a small breakfast bar, at a normal breakfast time. (I aim for before 10 a.m.) From there, you can slowly increase your portion size until you’ve reached a full breakfast serving. If increasing portion size doesn’t suit you, then keep the small portion size at breakfast time and then eat a small meal a few hours later (2-3 hours is what I would recommend depending on the time you ate).

Reason #4 Time

Ah the dreaded usurper of the breakfast spot. Because of the often fast pace of day-to-day life, many find that they just don’t have time for breakfast. Drive-thru’s are often busy and unhealthy. So what’s a person to do? Well I, for one, am not going to wake up earlier than I need to, but that is an option if you find you don’t have time in the mornings. Simply make time by waking up earlier. OR see reason #1 and go through the options there: to make something the night before or have something on hand that you can just grab and go.

No matter your relationship with breakfast, there is a solution for you. If you didn’t find a viable solution for you here, I encourage you to do some research. Find what works for you! Once you’ve found it, come back here and tell me what it is! You never know, maybe your solution will help me, too. Happy Eating!

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