Food for the Body

How many times growing up (or even now) did you hear the phrase, “You are what you eat”? This mantra is usually spoken whenever we consumed too much candy or food labeled as “unhealthy”. Perhaps it came out as, “If you eat one more ______ you’re going to turn into it.” I’ll be honest, I say this about my kids and chicken. Yes I am joking about their love for it, but when was the last time we stopped to think about how true these statements are?

We are constantly sloughing off dead skin cells, right? Well, if there are dead skin cells then there must be new skin cells to replace them. Our body’s cells fully renew themselves within 7-10 years, some as often as every 27 days, and it turns out what we eat is what we become. When we give our body the proper nutrition, it becomes healthier (duh). The most obvious fluctuation usually comes in the form of our skin cells. I know that when I start eating more deep fried, greasy foods, my skin will start to break out. When I change back to less greasy, nutritionally supportive foods, my skin clears up. The best way to keep our bodies happy and healthy is to eat more of the foods that support that kind of growth.

Taking care of our bodies is a form of honoring God.

Now you might be asking why this important and why I would venture onto this topic today of all days, or at all. Well because I am currently rethinking some of my less than nutritional choices. I fully believe that taking care of our bodies is a form of honoring God. He gave us these bodies to live in, it’s our job to care for them the best we can. Yes, some things are out of our control (hello, I did not choose or cause myself to be born with a heart defect). However it is our job to do well in the areas that are in our control.

Every little step is still a step.

A personal example of this would be my absolute addiction to Ginger Ale. I love the stuff. Some people pop open a bottle of wine or a beer at the end of a hard day, I reach for a can of Ginger Ale. I crave one when I eat dinner or a snack. Now one a day isn’t that bad except more often than not, it’s the only thing I drink besides coffee. That is absolutely not good. I realize this. I am determined to change this. I know the effect it has on my body and I will honestly tell you that I don’t like them. Yes it tastes delicious, but I’m starting to think it’s not completely worth the bloating and sugar-turned-to-stored-fat that comes with it. So I’m looking to change that. I’ve already learned that trying to replace my favorite soda with water is a no-go. Instead I researched the health factors of juices and am currently going that route. Could I do better than juice? Well, yeah, but every little step is still a step.

Feed your body well and watch it start to take better care of you.

The truth of it is that eventually we will become what we eat in some form. It’s our choice what that will be. Every day is a new day filled with opportunities to change or to keep going as we have. Maybe you look at the foods in your house and you think a change will be impossible, you’re too addicted. Start small. Are you a snacker like my family? Research a healthier option and then try it. You don’t have to jump straight from chips to fruit (although you can if you want to). Just find something less nutritionally deficient. Feed your body well and watch it start to take better care of you. Happy (and healthy) Eating!

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