Books Worth Reading

This bibliophile is back with more books for you to enjoy! This time, instead of a list of series to read, I am listing individual books. Honestly, I could probably write this type of list for a whole year from my own library without adding to it. That won’t happen, though, because I love adding to my library and finding new books to enjoy. If you’re an avid reader or picking up a book when you normally wouldn’t, I hope you find a book or author in this list to enjoy.

1* The Princess by Lori Wick

I first read this book in my Senior year of high school. I borrowed it from a friend and I loved it so much, at the end of the year she bought a copy for me as a present. After agreeing to an arranged marriage, Nikolai and Shelby Markham, the Prince and Princess of Pendaran, find themselves in uncharted waters as they trust God and try to open their hearts to each other. This contemporary love story captured my heart way back in high school and holds it still. It also introduced me to a great author, whose other books, along with this one, have permanent spots on my favorite’s shelf.

2* The Au Pair by Emma Rous

I picked this book up towards the end of last year but thanks to my Star Wars TBR and other events, I honestly forgot I had bought this book. A scroll through my instagram a few weeks ago reminded me it was still sitting on my shelf unread. I finished the book I was reading and then picked this one up. This book was so good, after I finished it I had one of those periods of, What do I read now?
The Au Pair is told from two points of views, Seraphine Mayes’ and Laura Silveira’s. As Seraphine mourns the recent death of her father, she discovers a mysterious photograph from the day she and her twin brother were born. With no answers forthcoming from her family, Seraphine hunts down the one person who could hopefully shed some light on it, her older brother’s au pair, Laura. As her search unfolds in modern day, Laura provides the story leading up to the day the Mayes siblings were born. The two stories finally converge into one story as the truth of the photograph, and the events afterwards, come to light.
With this being Emma Rous’ first novel, I think she’s an author to watch.

3* An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell

This is the book I finally decided on after finishing The Au Pair. I read it all in one day, devouring as if it was my first time reading it (it wasn’t). I have another one of her books lined up in my reading list because I remembered how much I love this book. When seventeen year old Lola is approached by her boyfriend’s mum, she never intends to take the money she’s offered to break up with him. Except, to keep her family together she has to. Ten years later, she once again encounters her lost love and his family. What follows is a series of mishaps and surprises as Lola tries to not only regain Doug’s affection, but also a family she never knew she had. I would consider this read light-hearted and comedic, though there is the lesson that you can’t control someone’s happiness no matter how much you love them.

4* Freefall by Kristen Heitzmann

When Jade stumbles out of the Hanalei Mountains and into Monica Pierce’s backyard, she has no memory of who she is or how she came to be stranded there. Monica knows the one person who can help the lost stranger is her brother, Cameron, who reluctantly agrees to help investigate Jade’s circumstances. Though jaded and suspicious, Cameron can’t help the pull Jade has on him, even as her real life comes crashing in. When they discover the danger isn’t over, he decides to stay and protect her, a decision that has repercussions to his life he didn’t think possible.
When trying to put what I think of this novel, my first thought is of a certain scene that, to me, portrayed a realness in emotional vulnerability that I had previously not read in a Christian novel. I know that sounds weird but it may be one of the things I love most about this novel. This book is the right combination of mystery, redeeming love, and adventure. It also taught me one of my favorite words: Makai.

5* Mornings with Tozer

Okay, I realize this is not a novel. It is, however, one of my favorite devotionals. A.W. Tozer has an insight to the word that is both uplifting and convicting. I first encountered Tozer’s work when I was a kid and my pastor at the time would read from one of the author’s many works on Sunday mornings. This specific devotional has a year worth of readings from Tozer’s personal notes. Each one of these has made me think, often giving me revelations I expound upon in my own studies. If you’re looking for a new devotional, or a devotional period, this one is a great one to read.

So there you go, five more books I hope you will pick up and enjoy. Each one will be a great addition to any library no matter its size. Happy Reading!

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