6 Kids Shows that Won’t Drive You Crazy.

As a stay at home mom, I have pretty much mastered the art of tuning out whatever my kids are watching. You know those shows they watch over and over and over. As my time as a SAHM has grown, I have pretty much learned what shows I can tolerate day in and day out.... Continue Reading →

While You Were Secure.

Trouble doesn't come unexpectedly. God, Who knows the beginning and the end, knows when trouble will come and He will not leave His people clueless or defenseless. He warns us ahead of time, speaking to us and instructing us. It is up to us if we will listen, even in our security. "I spoke to... Continue Reading →

Dazzling Blogger Award!

Over the weekend, I was catching up on reading some blogs. When I read that Shelly over at Growing with Spawn had been nominated for the Dazzling Blogger Award, I though it well deserved. I love how honest and kind Shelly is as she writes about mental health, blogging, and life in general. Even though... Continue Reading →

3 Podcasts I Enjoy Listening To.

Hello everyone. How are you on this Tuesday? I have to say that I am exhausted, the kind of exhaustion that's both mental and physical. Which isn't good when I have a sink full of dishes that need cleaned and other work that needs done here. Maybe I need to blast some Toby Mac today.... Continue Reading →

Respecting My Husband.

God taught me something today. Well, it's been over the last few weeks but I finally got it today. Respect for my husband. Husbands are told to love their wives and wives are supposed to respect their husbands. (Eph. 5:22-23;25) I think I do a pretty good job of that, at least in the big... Continue Reading →

My Curly Girl Journey.

"I wish my hair looked like Merida's," I told my BFF, and I wasn't just talking about the color. Every time I watch Brave, I get curl envy. This simple sentence had me contemplating my hair more so than before. A few nights later I messaged another friend of mine asking what products she was... Continue Reading →

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