The Dangers of Yoga & Babies

The Cutest Distraction

I must say that I am pretty proud of myself. Apart from two days, I have kept to my morning routine that includes Yoga. Today seemed like the perfect day to start a ’30 Days of Yoga’ program via Youtube.

However there is one thing I did not factor in when I started Yoga-ing. Children. I’m suddenly on their level so of course I become a jungle-gym of sorts. In the middle of Downward Dog or Cat-Cow, I look down and there’s a cute face smiling up at me. Anytime I sit down or go into a Bridge pose, I’m a chair. Attempting my forward fold and she just has to push through my legs. I’m not complaining, in fact I laugh more than anything, but suddenly my Yoga session includes weights.

Today my son joined me for a few minutes as I stretched myself into a Baby pose. Our new, and first, yoga mats came in the mail yesterday and today was the first day to use them. I must say baby girl looked really cute doing a Downward Dog on them. Of course she wouldn’t hold it once she saw me reach for my phone. They may make holding or performing certain poses near impossible, but including them in my new routine is great. I will definitely take it over them getting into some kind of mischief or argument.

Do you have your own workout routine? Do you include your kids? Exercise has so many benefits for kids. I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that kids receive the same benefits that we do from exercising. Beyond that, exercising with your kids provides time to spend and connect with them in an often busy schedule. If you don’t exercise with your kids, I suggest you start. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out session at the gym. A simple walk around the block or a fifteen minute stretching session in your living room is all you need. Just don’t forget that the most important aspect of exercising with kids is that they are kids. So be prepared for laughs and tumbles and, as in my case, having air forcefully pushed out whenever they sit (bounce) on your belly.

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