Needing a New Revelation

A former youth pastor of mine would tell us, “People leave the church because they have not had a personal revelation of the Cross,” and you know what? I believe him. Not because someone I’ve admired told me so, but because I have personally experienced it.

I grew up in a Christian home and though I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, I had my own revelation of the Cross. My highest point came when I was a teenager. After that, so many changes happened and new chapters of my life started that in it all, I lost that revelation. I lost the vision of who I am in Christ. It wasn’t a complete loss, but it was enough that I noticed a difference.

I have wished many, many times to be the person I was in my late teen years, but I never will be. I could take away everything that’s different about my life now (though I won’t because it includes my husband and children) and the pieces of who I was still would not fit because I am not the same person. I am a completely different jigsaw puzzle now. So really there’s only one conclusion: I need a new Revelation of the Cross.

I need a revelation that fits who I am, where I am. I am a wife and a mother. My covering is different and those that I am a covering for are different. I’ve had life experiences and heartbreaks that have changed me. Thankfully, for all of my changes, I have a God Who has promised to meet me wherever I am.

I asked God the other night to do just that. To meet me where I am and to give me a new revelation of the Cross. Since then, I’ve been actively looking for it. In the songs I sing, in the Word as I study, in the blurbs of scripture I find on Pinterest; I’m looking for it and you know what? He’s answering. There have been some things pressed upon my heart already and I know He’s not done. I know it’s going to be a process, a path to walk. It’s a journey I’m willing to undertake. I can only see the step I’m on and that’s enough because really, I can’t be looking at myself, I have to be looking at God. I know whatever He has in mind for me is going to be so amazing. He has a vision for me and I want to see what it is. I want to see God, and then I want to see me the way God sees me.

I know I’m not the only one who has grown tired or lost their initial revelation of the Cross. If you’ve forgotten that revelation, or can no longer see it and who you are in Christ, then ask God for a refresher, something new. It’s okay. The person you are today is probably not the same person you were when you first saw yourself in the Cross. He will give you a new revelation. You just have to ask, and then you have to keep looking at Him.

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

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