Pausing My Favorite Season

I love Summer. I could happily spend my life in a perpetual summer or be a beach bum. Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near a beach and this year we’ve had a lot of rain. Last week was sunny and hot, though, so we spent our evenings in the pool. Ah bliss.

Last week I went outside and had some solo pool time. I enjoyed it immensely. The sky was blue with a few white fluffy clouds lazing about. I watched the dragonflies and butterflies winging around. As I sat there in my pool, I thought of how God’s glory is always correlated with the Stars and rarely with a sunny, summer day. Now don’t get me wrong, I, too, find the night sky beautiful and wonderful; a majestic show of God’s love for us. However, that day was also a perfect show of God’s love, so of course I had to take a moment and thank Him for it.

Often we get in the middle of a season and…forget to thank God for the simple every day things.

Often we get in the middle of a season and I think we forget how much we were anticipating it. Or in the seasons we dread we forget that God has added beauty to it too. When the summer heat gets beyond our liking or the cold of winter drags on without any snow in sight (or for those in the north, when there’s no end to the snow in sight), we forget to thank God for the simple, every day things. And sometimes, it’s the simple, every day things that remind us to thank God for the beauty He’s given.

He is working right alongside me every day.

The same can be said for Seasons of Life. We fall into the day-to-day pattern and forget the excitement we first had when we began. For me, when days are long and tiring, when kids don’t want to listen, or I feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time, I sometimes forget the joy I had of becoming a stay at home mom, the joy of not having to work outside of my home and getting to enjoy being with my kids. I have to remember that God answered my prayer better than I could’ve imagined and that He is working right alongside me every day. When Seasons of Life are hard it seems almost impossible to find beauty in it. All too often the only beauty I can find is that God is there, He has not forgotten me (even if it feels like it), and He is making a way to a time of respite.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still holding out hope that I’ll one day live on the beach and that my babies will become beach-aholics like their mother. Until then I will relish in every summer day I have and give an extra “Thank You” on pool days.

What’s your favorite season? What are the small things that remind you to acknowledge God’s love for you? Are you in a season of your life that has become mundane or hard? Take a moment to remember why you anticipated that season, or find something worthwhile in the hardship, and thank God for it.

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