5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home.

If you haven’t been keeping track, Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday. With many experiencing another lockdown or unable to go out for various reasons, it may seem like finding a way to celebrate will take too much effort. Don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas for you! Whether you have kids or not, here are four ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

Me and my Hubby

*Watch a Movie Together

This is probably the least plan-ahead idea I have and if you have kids, it’s an easy way to include them if you desire. You can either make or order your favorite dinner, or simply pop some popcorn and pour your favorite drink. Snuggle up together on the couch and turn on your favorite movie. You don’t mess with your phone or other electronics in a movie theater, so put those all aside, too.

If you are including your kids, don’t let them sit between you, this is supposed to be a date night after all. Yes, I am serious about this. Any other night they can sit between the two of you but this night is about connecting, in some form, more than you normally would. If you’re all on the couch then they can sit on either side of you, a parent sandwich.

If you don’t have any kids or you’re not including them, then you don’t have anything to worry about. You still should sit together and put aside your electronics. Otherwise, turn down the lights and enjoy your movie.

*Take a Bubble Bath Together

Okay this one may not be possible if you have kids at home or a bathtub that’s big enough for the both of you. I’m still putting it here, though, because it is a generally abnormal thing to do together. Not to mention it’s a pretty intimate way to connect. I’ll leave the details to you, but bubbles are fun to play with (bubble fights anyone?).

*Have Your Favorite Dessert

Is there a dessert you ate on your first date or that is special to you both in some way? If it’s possible, get it and eat it together. Just the two of you. (For those of you with kids, your kids will survive if they don’t get any.) If you can’t get it (perhaps its something from your honeymoon in another state/country) why not get in the kitchen and make it together? Even if it’s ruined, you’ll have a fun story to tell. Better yet, take pictures of the experience. As I am fully aware that most picture taking happens on phones, turn your phone to do not disturb and don’t unlock your phone!

*Get Creative

Speaking of making things, why not get creative together? Pickup some supplies (doesn’t have to be expensive) and do an art project together. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day themed, just make sure you write the date on the back so you can remember it years later. Or pick out some pictures and make a scrapbook or collage together. The point is to do something fun and special together.

*Get Takeout

If you really want that restaurant experience but without, you know, people, then order takeout. Most restaurants are still doing curbside service (at least they are in my area) so you’re not limited on what restaurants you can order from. Choose one (or two if your tastes run differently) and then sit down to eat your food together in the comfort of your home. The beauty of this option is that it easily goes along with the other four.

I hope this list gave you ideas and fun at-home options to build your Valentine’s Day date night. With or without kids, you can still make date night–any date night–special. It’s all about connecting with each other, right?

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? If you have kids, will you include them or not? What was your first date and can you recreate it at home?

Happy Tuesday!

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    1. Thank you! These would also work for regular date nights if you need ideas!
      Honestly, we don’t often celebrate Valentine’s Day, but with the last year being so crazy, we might need to do something a little special.

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