A Beautiful Normal

Hello, everyone! How are you doing today? How are you dealing with the continued social distancing regulations? Are you one of the ones that still gets up and goes to work? Or are you spending this season at home? No matter what you’re doing, I hope you are doing alright and that the stress of this time isn’t overcoming you.

I think I said before that our daily life hasn’t really changed much. I guess the one good thing is that I’m actually getting outdoors more than I have in previous years. The kids and I hang out in our backyard or on the driveway playing with chalk. It’s April and I have tan lines already. It’s great. I do get a little stir crazy since we’re not taking the chance of me going out and getting groceries like I might normally do when I need a break. I try to take advantage of every moment I do happen to get to myself. Going to the bathroom is not often one of them, though.

Another good thing about this time is that I am now able to participate in the kids’ children’s church. Since the services are streamed online, I stream their service first, go through it with them, and then catch the later stream of “big people” church. I love watching Ade and Isbe learn the lesson and dance to the worship music. It’s an emersion that I had not previously gone through. It has also helped me see how I can be better when teaching them at home. (I’ve come to realize that I maybe don’t simplify it enough for them.) I plan to continue streaming their children’s church even after this time period ends. I love it so much.

I have also decided it’s time to start weaning Miss Isbe. I’ve been trying to think of how I weaned Ade and honestly, it seemed easier with him. I remember reading that making a major change like a new bed or a change of scenery is a great help. With Ade I just moved us to the living room, turned out the lights, and let him lie on my lap while I watched tv with the sound turned down. Unfortunately that’s a bit difficult to do this time around, since Ade usually stays up later than Isbe. So I’m making adjustments where I can and very slowly weaning her, starting with a shorter nursing time before bed at night.

As this season of social distancing (hopefully) comes to an end, I hope you are able to reflect and see events that enhanced your life. I know that many people’s lives were affected far more than ours, but no matter how your life changed during the last few months, I hope you continue to work towards a better, more fulfilled life. We’ve been forced to scale back to a more simplistic type of living in some ways, and I think we need to remember that going forward. As many are thinking and saying, the normal life we go into will not be the same as the previous normal. It will be a new normal. Let’s make it a better normal. Have a beautiful day!

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