His Unlimited Reach

As Ruler of the Universe with infinite possibilities, God is not limited in how He reaches out to us. The world was created as reflection of God’s wonder and caring nature. It is man who finds ways to deflect that reflection onto something else. Still, if you’re looking for God, He will find you wherever, and however, you are.

I remember as a mid-teen, sitting in my room one day listening to Backstreet Boys. Suddenly the lyrics to their song “Shape of My Heart” caught my attention in a way it never had before and I found myself thinking, This is me. This is what I have been doing instead of truly letting God’s love encompass me. This lead me to really view my heart, my life, and see the areas that I had kept from God for various reasons, mostly reasons of trust. I found myself singing that song, with a few lyric changes, as a confession and apology to God. Believe it or not, God used that song to draw me closer to Him.

More recently, I was watching Moana and as I was watching the climactic scene of Moana calling out to Te Ka, it was like God whispered in my ear, This is like My love for you. Call me crazy, but I get it. God “crossed the horizon to find” us; He tells us, “I know your name.” The things of our past have “stolen the heart from inside” of us, but to God, “this does not define you. This is not who you are.” And when we come to Him, He replaces the hardened, dead heart with a heart thriving with His love and life. We become the design He originally made us into, one full of life and beauty.

I vaguely recall a story of someone from a secluded tribe saying he came to know God by contemplating the world around him and realizing that the beliefs of his tribe could not fully explain the things of nature. Whether this was a fictional story or not, I honestly don’t remember, but it has remained in my memory. The fact that God can use something as little as a rock or a tree to call people’s hearts to His presence is astounding to me.

If you have a seeking heart, God will find a way to draw you closer to Him. He will find a way to reach you. It can be something as simple as listening to a song, watching a movie, or just studying nature. God is not limited by buildings, or books, or even distance. He is above and beyond all of these things. God is willing to reach us, we just need to listen and see.

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