Anointed with Oil.

When you think of being anointed with oil, what do you think of? Like me, do you first think of being empowered by the Holy Spirit for something? What does being anointed by the Holy Spirit even mean? In one of the most famous and most quoted Psalms, The Shepherd Psalm, David speaks in the last stanza that God anoints his head with oil. Since David is the one saying it, I associated it with him being anointed as King of Israel. However, being anointed with oil, a euphemism for the Holy Spirit, is more than just being empowered for something.

Across cultures, being anointed with oil has many different meanings. The thing is, these meanings can be found in being anointed with the Holy Spirit.


Before being anointed with oil, God first prepares a table for us and invites us to sit at it. Sitting at the table of God isn’t just about being nourished or receiving rest, but a time when we can come to God and draw near to Him. He welcomes us into His presence, He ushers us in through His steadfast love. Being anointed with God’s Holy Spirit is a sign to all that we have been to the table of God.


The anointing of God will also heal what grieves our spirit. What have you been warring against? Pain? Fear? Anxiety? Emotional imbalance? Sickness? God’s Spirit heals us of that which burdens us.

Often within our lives, we are burdened with sadness over the lost or even the wayward. We become burdened by the circumstances that we personally experience. Many of those circumstances will leave wounds of some kind upon us. God’s anointing comes in, cleanses those wounds, seals them up, and leaves no painful scar.

This healing is both physical and spiritual. God’s Spirit resides in us when we accept Jesus into our hearts. He heals us of the spiritual disease that comes from sin. Being anointed with the Holy Spirit is a sign that God’s life resides within us and where His life is there can be no death or disease.


When we depart from God’s table and back onto the battlefield, God anoints us as a sign that He is sending us out. He anoints us for the job that we are to do, the position we are to take in and for His Name. It is a sign to our enemy that we have been in counsel with the Almighty and are now ready to carry out His plan.

His anointing upon us keeps us fit for war. It strengthens and refreshes us. In ancient times, warriors would rub their shields with oil to keep the leather supple and strong. Often times we have to be flexible to the movement of the Holy Spirit. We have to be ready to stand in faith at a moment’s notice. Without the anointing of His Spirit, we become rigid and dried out. We won’t hold up under the pressure that comes with being in our calling.

An Anointed Heart

We cannot truly enter the presence of God and leave without being anointed by Him. It is a sign that we have been in fellowship with the King of kings. Like the fruit of His Spirit, His anointing isn’t just for one thing. God isn’t for this part or that part of our lives, and neither is His anointing.

David was anointed as King of Isreal, but his heart was anointed by God’s Spirit long before his head was anointed with oil.

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