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The Book of Job: Chapters 16-17

It might not look like it at first glance, but Chapters 16 and 17 of Job talk a lot about hope. Job's hope isn't in finding relief, it's in God. Yes, he speaks a lot about what has gone wrong in his life, but woven throughout his words we see his hope transfixed on God... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 15

I have come to the conclusion that Eliphaz the Temanite is a downer. However, if it wasn't important to us, if we couldn't glean and learn from it, I don't think it would've been included in God's Word. Despite Eliphaz's harsh speech, it is definitely meant to belittle Job, God uses it to speak of... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 12

Through a Filter. How would you describe God? The answers this question receives are different from person to person. Mankind at large sees God in many different ways. For many, God is the One who punishes out of anger. He brings fire and brimstone upon all who stick a toe out of line. For others,... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapters 10-11

In my study, the tenth and eleventh chapters of Job begin with a contrasting look between God and Man. The tenth chapter gives us a dividing image between the spirit of men and the Spirit of God. Yet we end with the relief that comes from repenting and resting in Him. There is division between... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter Nine

What I love about Job Chapter Nine is that Job gives us a view of God. Not in the physical sense, but His character, His wisdom, His mind. All these things we seek and wish to know. Of course God is infinite and we can never know everything about Him, but we're faced with the... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter Eight.

Chapter Eight in the Book of Job is all about Job's second friend, Bildad the Shuhite's, response to Job. Like Eliphaz, Bildad's words are cutting not comforting. In his whole speech, he's basically accusing Job of being unrighteous. He even goes as far as saying, "Hey what happened was deserved." Not the time or place,... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapters 6-7

Chapters six through seven are Job's first answer to Eliphaz. These two chapters deal a lot with grief and depression. They also show us how we should act and react to someone who is going through them. They also reveal a similarity in all of us, from the troubles in the night to the groaning... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapter 5

There is a lot to unpack in Job chapter 5. It is a continuation of Eliphaz's first speech to Job. At times, Eliphaz comes across a little higher-than-thou, in my opinion, but if we break apart what he's saying and put it in the light of Christ, the revelation is extremely important. Discipline Behold, how... Continue Reading →

The Book of Job: Chapters 3-4

The third and fourth chapters of Job begin the speeches, the back and forth between Job and his three friends, Eliphaz the Temanite; Bildad the Shuhite; and Zophar the Naamathite. In these two chapters we see the grief of man and the steadfastness of God. It is a rhythm and flow that is experienced throughout... Continue Reading →

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