Here Comes Autumn

With the official beginning of Autumn happening this week (tomorrow?!) everyone is gearing up for Pumpkin Spice, bonfires, and cooler weather. When I think of fall, my first thought is…Christmas. Wait. What? Yep. My second thought, though, was Beef Stew.

For the first time in I don’t know how many years, it’s actually cool enough now to feel like Autumn is coming. Usually the weather is still somewhere in the upper nineties and low hundreds. Summer weather. The fact that today actually has a high in the mid-seventies seems like a novelty to us southerners. Not that I’m fully rejoicing. Honestly, I have such a hard time when fall comes around simply because its the end of summer. I suppose that’s why I overlook it to Christmas so much.

The one thing I do look forward to is the warmer foods and drinks I get to indulge in without feeling judged. Magnolia Table’s Beef Stew is a cold weather staple meal in our household because it’s so good. While I’m not a Pumpkin Spice lover, or pumpkin anything for that matter, I do love a good cup of Spiced Apple Cider. MMM. As a kid, I remember my Auntyne making us hot chocolate with peppermint sticks in it. That was good, too, and maybe I’ll be able to make it for my kids one day, too.

While I’m sure it’ll be a few weeks at least before temperatures reach below 65 consistently, I’ve already warned the hubby that soups and stews will be making their appearance on our dinner menu. He was completely fine with this. Of course he would’ve already put up our Christmas tree if I let him. So I guess I’ll be replacing my favorite Sno-Cone for those cold weather dishes. *Sigh* Bye, Summer 2020, it’s been an experience.

What about you? Do you love warm or cold weather more? Do you have a favorite cold weather dish that you prepare every year? What about a favorite Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate recipe? I’d love to know! Happy Eating!

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