The Freedom of Homeschooling

I am so glad we chose to homeschool and not just because of Covid-19. The more we venture on this path, the more I’m wishing I had been homeschooled. The freedom that comes with setting your own course is absolutely amazing and with so many extracurriculars out there, it’s easy to explore all different kinds of interests.

Everybody’s got a water buffalo…

We started Ade’s first year of schooling back in May simply because I wanted to do some outside learning. Now, he’s almost completed his coursework. No joke. We’re reviewing the subjects he’s already completed this week and then I’ll be giving him a small test next week just to make sure he’s retained what he learned. With how well he actually uses those things in daily life, I’m not too concerned. After that, it’s on to the next grade’s course.

We’ve also added Art as an extracurricular. I did some research for a couple of days and finally decided to try Art for Kids Hub on youtube. We are loving it! Every Monday and Friday we sit down and follow along with their art tutorials. I’ve always wanted to learn to draw so being able to learn alongside the kids has been so amazing. It’s one of Ade’s favorite things when it comes to school. I’m keeping a list of things he has expressed interest in learning about for future extracurriculars. A few of them I’m even wanting to learn alongside him.

Of course, on this journey it has helped immensely that one of my mom friends is not only a homeschooler too, and has been one for a few years, but she also has an education degree. I go to her with every question I have, from curriculum to how to handle Ade’s learning style. I honestly don’t think our first year would have been as smooth if it wasn’t for her. It also helps that our families are into similar interests so she knows all the fun stuff like the Star Wars Workbooks that are actually legit.

In case you’re wondering, for Ade’s first year we used Thinking Kids Comprehensive Curriculum workbook, along with an Alphabet workbook from Target, and DK Smithsonian Books. We also read out of their Devotional book and have memory verses. I’m excited to begin this next year and helping him learn more.

Did you decide to homeschool or do virtual learning with your child this school year? If so, have you found it harder or easier for them to learn from home? If you’ve contemplated homeschooling your kids, I encourage you to try it. There are so many options out there for you and your family to explore, you never know what they’ll find an interest in. If you have the chance to learn alongside them then maybe you won’t be completely lost when they expound on their new fascination. Happy Tuesday!

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