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Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes

When I was a kid, if you had asked me what food I would choose to eat every day for the rest of my life, I would’ve said Mashed Potatoes without question. I loved mashed potatoes. Instant. Real from scratch. Mainly covered in butter and sour cream. Yum!

Thanks to some dental work when I was a pre-teen, Instant Mashed Potatoes became my main food source for an entire week. After that week, I wanted nothing to do with mashed potatoes for a long time. To this day, I can tell when I’m eating Instant instead of From Scratch. Thankfully, from scratch is so much better.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember ever preparing mashed potatoes, or any potato recipe, from scratch when I was younger. The first encounter I remember was with my mother-in-law back when I was first dating my husband. I was actually really fascinated watching her cut up raw potatoes with a dull knife. At some point, I started helping her and it was so much fun. Now we make potatoes from scratch whatever the recipe. There is not a single box of Instant Mashed Potatoes in our pantry, and I don’t plan for there to ever be.

Raw Potatoes are Yummy!

Last week I made mashed potatoes, but because of dairy intolerances, I couldn’t use regular butter or milk. Luckily I found a recipe that added some extra flavor, the rest I improvised.

Is there a certain food you think you could eat every day? What is it? Have you ever had to eat it all day? Have you been able to eat it since then? I’d love to hear from you!


4 Medium Potatoes, diced
4-6 Garlic Cloves, minced
4 Cups of Water
Salt and Pepper to taste

Boil water to a rolling boil
Add diced potatoes and minced garlic
Cook approximately 25 minutes, or until potatoes are soft
Drain most of the water, reserving some to add to make potatoes creamy.
Mash Potatoes with a masher, adding reserved water a tablespoon at a time until desired level of creamy is reached. Add salt and pepper.

That’s it! Easy peasy. Happy Eating!

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