Traditions of December

Ah, December. You’re finally here.Yesterday I bought my first Eggnog of the season. I didn’t think about it when I bought it, but it’s the perfect drink to celebrate the first day of December.

How will you spend today? By decorating your house or putting up your tree? By taking a sip of a special holiday drink? Or is it another regular day? Really it’s simply another day for us but it’s the little things you do that can make your mundane day into a special day. December is often a complicated month for me simply because it brings my favorite holiday and also Ade’s birthday. As many mothers know, it’s a bittersweet thing to reach your child’s birthday. The fact that it’s my first born has never helped. This year, I’m choosing to focus more on the major surprise we have for him than on the fact that he’s getting older. I’ll face that the day it actually happens.

I love giving gifts to people.

I love Christmas not just because of what we’re celebrating but because it’s a time to exercise my love language towards others. I am a gift giver. I love giving gifts to people. For me, it is better to give than to receive. Though I do love getting gifts too, the joy I see on people’s faces when they get a gift from me is so filling. It makes my love meter go up.

Another way I celebrate is by reading the Old Testament and New Testament journey to Jesus’ birth. This year I went through all our books and pulled out a family devotional that goes through the journey from Adam and Eve to Jesus. We’ve had it but I honestly always forget it so I’m excited to read it with the kids this year. I also pulled other Christmas books out so they’re ready to read throughout the month. Unfortunately I discovered a huge error in our bookshelf. Out of all of our Dr. Seuss books, not one of them is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. I will be remedying that immediately.

Every Tradition should bring you closer together as a family

So even though it’s the last month of the year, it’s one full of traditions that probably sees more family time than any other time of the year. Maybe that’s why it’s labeled as “the most wonderful time of the year”. I savor every tradition, new and old, that we make. I know they’re special times for our family.

I won’t tell you to “Remember the reason for the season” because you’ve heard it enough that it probably already comes to mind. I will say to remember that every tradition you make or take part in should bring you closer together as a family. It’s a month of Love and Joy. Just don’t forget that as you hustle and bustle towards a single day. Jesus was born in a single night but His legacy goes far beyond that. That’s something we all need to remember every day.

Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp

Welcome Christmas (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

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