Beginning to Teach Them

Two weeks ago my hubby and I went on a date and during this date the topic of the kids learning about God came up. My husband said, “You know you can teach them at home, right?” I responded with an “I know,” but inside I felt guilty because I hadn’t been, at least not to the extent that I could.

In our home we have two toddler devotional books, a “My first Adventure Bible”, a baby bible, a Kid’s Bible App, and numerous grown-up Bibles. (I love comparing versions, I feel like there’s always something new to glean when you switch it up.) Yet for all of our source material, I had left the Bible teaching to a very minimum in the home. I speak to my kids about God’s Love and why we should or should not act a certain way. I pray over them daily and whenever they ask me to pray for them. I had tried before to establish a devotional time with Ade that had ended with him not caring and me frustrated that he wouldn’t listen. But my husband was right and so I devised and wrote down a plan.

Setting a time wasn’t an issue. We shut off electronics starting around 10:30 and they’re off until after nap time, so it wasn’t hard to decide that 10:00 would be a good time for learning. I looked through various Sunday School teaching books but while they were great, they didn’t really follow the vision I had. Instead I pulled together our resources and made my own plan.

~ Daily Devotional
~ Memory Verse/Saying
~ Bible Story
~ Alphabet
~ Ending Prayer

First we start with a small devotional from their book. My mom bought Ade a toddler devotional book that has a new devotion, Bible verse, and prayer every day. Then each week we will have one memory verse or saying and the stories I read them will all correlate with that verse or saying. This week our verse is “And God saw that it was good,” as we go through the days of Creation. On Friday we will have a review using the Kid’s Bible App. Since it’s a time of learning and we’re already working on Ade’s alphabet, I go through the letters by either singing the Alphabet song, using his flash cards, or reading his Star Wars Alphabet book. I wrap it all up by saying a short prayer thanking God for all He’s done and asking Him to help us apply the Bible lessons to our lives.

As a parent, we are called to teach our children and not just by example. My kids already see me doing my own Bible study every week, but without me actually reading and explaining it to them, they won’t know what it says. It doesn’t matter how many resources we have, if they don’t know what they say then it will never help them know God and build a relationship with Him.

So faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the preaching [of the message that came from the lips] of Christ (the Messiah Himself).

Romans 10:17 ampc

Yesterday was the first day I implemented this plan and it actually went very well. Way better than I expected it to. Ade seemed to really enjoy the short story and even repeated the prayer and memory verse when I asked him to. I realize this is some of the most important work I am called to do. Right now, my children’s knowledge of Christ’s offer of salvation is in my hands and it’s important that I impart that knowledge to them. I wish I had started it sooner, that I had worked past the failures of before and continued on. But I am teaching them now, and no matter how late or delayed it is, the Word of God will not return void.

How do you teach your children in your home? Do you have a set time and plan in which you sit down with them and read a devotional or a Bible story together? If not then I encourage you to start. It’s not only a time of learning for the whole family (yes even you) but it’s also a time you’re setting aside to be with your children, which is important whether you are together all day or not. And who knows how God will use your children to teach you as He uses you to teach them.

Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6 ampc

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