Supporting the Body with Protein.

It's July! A brand new month with four weeks of opportunity to pursue your goals! Four weeks to make better decisions for your health and your body. And since we all know that lifestyle changes start on Monday, Fridays are great days to research tips and advice for a more healthy lifestyle. That's a joke,... Continue Reading →

Reviewing the FitOn App.

Happy Friday! I'll be honest, I forgot it was Friday. It feels like a Saturday to me though I'm not sure why, probably just wishful thinking. Not only is it Friday but it's the First Friday of June so you know what that means! Fitness Friday!!! On this wonderful Friday (not Saturday), I want to... Continue Reading →

My Curly Girl Journey.

"I wish my hair looked like Merida's," I told my BFF, and I wasn't just talking about the color. Every time I watch Brave, I get curl envy. This simple sentence had me contemplating my hair more so than before. A few nights later I messaged another friend of mine asking what products she was... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening on the Blog?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are having a great day today. Are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you have any plans? I am still working on decluttering my kitchen so depending on how far I get today, I'll be working on that more this weekend. I wanted to come on here today... Continue Reading →

Back to the Beginning

What first inspired you to pursue exercise? Was it a picture of yourself or someone else? A book? Or perhaps it was a diagnosis you received? While I hope it wasn't the last one, it is unfortunately a reality for many people. Whatever it was, is it time to revisit that initial motivation? Being healthy... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Rest.

I have been a start-stop-start-again-er when it comes to working out. Because of this horrible habit, I was determined that this round I was not going to stop. At all. No days of rest. I was too afraid that I would get back in that lull of Oh I'll just workout harder tomorrow. Only when... Continue Reading →

Tracking for a Healthier Me

Can we talk about Food Tracking? Before this week, the only time I have seriously tracked what was eaten was when I did it for Ade's allergies. That's it. I may have done it for myself once upon a time, long, long ago, but...actually I think that might've been my grocery list I was writing... Continue Reading →

Becoming Your Goal Self

I am by no means an exercise expert. Yes I have danced since the age of 11, but beyond that I am just a normal person who is looking at her post-baby body and going, "Ugh." However, I was thinking about earlier and I think there are three steps everyone needs to take when getting... Continue Reading →

Make Goals not Resolutions

And just like that, the first month of the year is about half-way done. I'll be honest with you, I didn't make a New Year's Resolution. They don't work for me. To me, a resolution is like saying, "We should hang out sometime." The idea is there but the intent of follow through is not.... Continue Reading →

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