Snowageddon 2021

Last week was crazy. Fun but crazy. From the snow fall to the water and internet dying, it was all an adventure. The only way I can think to really caption our week is simply, Snowageddon. I might be a bit dramatic with the title, but it’s stuck in my head now.

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced snow like we did. Over ten years, I’d say. It was the first time the kids were able to experience that kind of snowfall themselves. There’s been small flurries before, I have pictures somewhere of Ade as a tiny toddler playing in some snow. However, with temperatures in the negatives to teens–not to mention wind chill–this was a winter storm like they’ve never seen before. From the time they woke up in the morning, they were constantly asking to go out and play in the snow. It was hard to do so the first part of the week because the of how hard the wind was blowing. We’d walk out the front door, venture slowly to the backyard where there was less wind, throw some snow around, maybe make a snow angel or two, and then head back inside to warm up. Isbe never wanted to come back inside so we would have to catch her and carry her back inside.

With the beauty of the snow all around, it was easier to ignore the complications that came from it. We woke up on Sunday to our hot water line frozen because we didn’t think to drip it like we had the cold. It thawed later in the day and I was able to give Isbe a bath, at least. We soon realized that it wasn’t just frozen lines we were dealing with and began placing containers under dripping faucets to fill them up as well as filling both bathtubs with water as we could. That stored water was definitely a blessing when we lost all of our water pressure.

We had ordered some wood before the weekend but it was never delivered for some unknown reason. We just so happened to have wood pallets that the hubby cut up in case we needed to use them. Thankfully our power never went out like so many others, including my best friend’s. What was supposed to be only a 45 minute blackout ended up lasting 2-3 hours. They were able to build a fire until their power came on, but because ours didn’t go out, I was able to offer them a place to go if they needed it. Our internet pretty much died, which isn’t surprising. I’m honestly not sure how the kids didn’t notice. I guess they were too fascinated with the snow.

Ade, Isbe, and Hubby building Olaf

We were able to really go out and play on the last day of snow. We built a snowman–named Olaf, of course–as well as had a snowball fight, and Ade even made one last snow angel. By evening the next day, the snow was almost completely gone. Two days later and we have water pressure but we’re still having to store water in containers due to being under a boil order. Oh and we have a high of 73º today. That may be the craziest thing about our week, going from a day of negative temperatures to warm spring temps.

Like I said, a fun but crazy week for us. I know that we were extremely lucky to keep our electricity on, when so many people I know did not. Hopefully by tomorrow, all the breaks will be fixed, everyone will have full water pressure, and the boil order will be called off.

Did you receive any snow last week? If so, did you have any complications because of it? Or were you able to get out and enjoy it?

Happy Tuesday!

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    1. We had so much fun! Unfortunately we only got one day to really play in the snow without the wind, but everyone enjoyed watching it fall from inside. I spent a lot of time up north growing up so I’ve missed that kind of snow.

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