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My Recent Culinary Victories.

Hello everyone! How are you enjoying this fine Monday? We had a hectic morning and yet it was, apparently, exactly what I needed to start my week off actively. Hopefully the trouble that caused such an uproar does not repeat itself. Oh well, guess Monday was just living up to its reputation.

Last week was an exciting week for me in terms of culinary experiences. For starters, I used my Instant Pot for something besides air frying chicken strips. The next day I tried a new taco recipe using Turkey instead of beef. I have to say that I was really pleased with how both meals turned out. While I had originally planned to only write about the amazing tacos, I decided I wanted to tell you guys about both meals.

When the year began, we decided to stop eating take out on Fridays. When we first decided, I freaked out a little because that meant an extra day I needed to cook dinner. I had a good system going of cooking four days, a fend for yourself day, and then take out on Fridays. Well I guess it’s a good thing I have new materials to work with, huh? Adding that extra day doesn’t seem as daunting when I have an Instant Pot to help out. It’s been a minute since I last made pork chops, too, so the timing was perfect to try out a recipe I found on Pinterest.

The recipe was simple enough, calling for Garlic Powder, Rosemary, and Thyme, which are staples in my spice pantry. The hardest part of the recipe was probably having to sear the pork chops before cooking them and only because I had to steal a stool from the kids’ bathroom to do it. Short girl problems. The actual cooking time only took three minutes with a ten minute natural pressure release time. In that time I was able to make a package of Daiya Mac and Cheese (our favorite brand) and some Broccoli.

The pork chops turned out perfect. They were completely cooked without being dry, which is a problem I have often had when cooking them in the past. The only hiccup I had, besides the whole stool thing, was that I didn’t have any cornstarch to make the gravy with. I may have been the only one disappointed about that, though. I saved the juice along with the left over pork chop half. I ate them a few days later with some Hawaiian rolls as a small dinner. I was honestly so happy and relieved with how they turned out. I may never make another oven baked pork chop again.

Continuing the great experiences was the Turkey Tacos I made the next night. The recipe came from the Pioneer Woman cookbook I received at Christmas. I did omit the chipotle chili in adobo that she calls for because I was concerned it would be too spicy for the kids (and me). I also omitted the black beans per hubby’s request. Even with those omissions, they turned out so delicious. Like, I’m making them again this week, delicious.

If you have never cooked ground turkey before, let me tell you that it is disgusting to look at. I shudder just thinking about it. Once it’s cooked it’s fine, thankfully. Eating it, you would never know it looked as deplorable as it does during the cooking process. I am only telling you this as a warning and to encourage you to keep going. I promise it will turn out okay.

Turkey Meat with Salsa

I was concerned at the lack of spice ingredients as it only calls for small teaspoon amounts of Chili Powder, Cumin, Salt, and Pepper. I didn’t need to worry. I tasted it after I added the Salsa and was shocked at how good it was. When he got home, the hubby was surprised the Salsa was cooked into the meat and jokingly asked whose idea the turkey tacos had been (it was his). He, too, was impressed with how good they were. I honestly can’t wait until dinner tomorrow. Happy Eating!

Are there any new recipes you’ve tried cooking lately? How did they turn out? What is your favorite Instant Pot recipe?

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