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Christmas Morning Breakfast

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to Day Nine of my 12 Days of Blogmas. Since it’s the last Monday before Christmas (can you believe it?) I thought a fitting way to kick off this week is to talk about Christmas Morning Breakfast. I was all set to focus on one family tradition when I realized that I wanted to share all three of the traditions that have made up many of my Christmas Mornings.

A lot of people seem to have a Christmas Dinner somewhat similar to Thanksgiving Dinner. While my families do have a Christmas Eve dinner, I love Christmas morning breakfast. It first became special with my dad and later with my husband’s family.

I wish I could remember Christmas mornings from when I was really young, back before we moved closer to family, but I only have the vaguest memories of those times. Knowing my mom, I’m sure we had a delicious, and probably sugary, breakfast. Once we moved closer to my mom’s family, we would open our presents at our house and then head over to my Grammie’s, later my Auntyne and Uncle Ken’s house, and have a big Christmas potluck. Even if we had gathered the night before to open presents and eat, we still gathered together Christmas Day.

After my parents divorced and my dad moved back to his home state, new traditions began with his side of the family. On Christmas Morning, breakfast was a box of donuts my dad and I got together then we would join our larger family for a Christmas Lunch. A few years ago, we spent Christmas with my dad and his family again. It was the first time I’d spent a Christmas with them since I was eighteen. I was reminded of traditions I had forgotten about, like the Christmas Eve homemade pizza. On Christmas Day, we spent the morning opening presents at my Mema’s then were joined by my step-mom’s family for Christmas Lunch. For some reason I did not get my promised donuts that year.

The first Christmas I spent with my now-husband and his family, we were still dating and his dad made everyone crepes. I had honestly never had crepes before. The next Christmas, one of my biggest requests was that he make crepes again. From that point on, it became a sort of tradition to join my husband’s family on Christmas morning for Crepes. There are always different options for fillings and toppings, some saved by my mother-in-law specifically for Christmas Morning Crepes, but I always have to go with a simple Cream Cheese Crepe topped with powdered sugar. It’s my favorite kind.

What does Christmas Morning look like for you? Do you and your family have a Christmas Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? Are there any foods that have become a fixed part of the traditional gathering? Let me know in the comments. Happy Blogmas!

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