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5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season.

It seems to me that winter is often plagued with colds and other illnesses that can often take the "holly" out of holiday. Over the years, I have found ways to help support my own immune system so that I can stay healthy all season long. I'm sure you, too, want to stay healthy this... Continue Reading →

12 Days of Blogmas.

Good morning, beautiful people! Yes, you. You are beautiful and I am not the only one who says so. It is a chilly 55º outside and overcast, so it's feeling like a proper autumn day. Honestly, I'm looking around my house, thinking about digging in the Christmas boxes for some more decorations while Carrie Underwood... Continue Reading →

The Comfort Food Holiday.

Before I begin this Thanksgiving post, I want to say, "Thank you." Thank you to each and every one of you who have read and followed Above My Waves. As of this weekend, this blog has reached 100 official followers and I am so grateful. I hope that I have inspired you, helped you, and... Continue Reading →

Remember, It’s November

"Remember, remember the Fifth of November." If you know what movie that's from, kudos to you. It's been awhile since I've watched it so I should probably watch it again. Today would be a good day to do that, actually. Outside of my house, it's a proper November day. The leaves on my trees are... Continue Reading →

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