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Fish for Dinner

One of my favorite restaurants is Red Lobster, or "Red Slobbers" as I called it as a child. We go there for my birthday almost every year, and you'll always find me with an Ultimate Feast or a plate of Snow Crab Legs in front of me. I learned from a young age how to... Continue Reading →

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is Back!

Well I did it. I made the deluxe cheezy mac from the Daiya brand to test it out. Even though we've enjoyed the allergen-friendly pizza from Daiya, and have heard rave reviews from personal friends, I still tried not to get my hopes up, just in case. Long story short, this week we bought two... Continue Reading →

Cheese Me, Please.

If you were to ask me if I like cheese, my immediate response would be, "No." But then I'd pull a Tenth Doctor and say, "Welll...." Because I do like cheese. Sometimes. On certain things. To me, cheese belongs on things like: Burgers, Pizza, and, of course, Grilled Cheeses. You will not catch me putting... Continue Reading →

Carrot Experimentation

When living in a house full of picky eaters, sometimes it's a struggle to get them to eat something. Add possible food allergies and intolerances to that and it becomes a huge hassle. Well, it's a good thing I'm learning to cook then, isn't it? A couple of weeks ago I decided to experiment with... Continue Reading →

Trying Out the Red Wine

A couple of weeks ago, my husband accidentally bought me Red Cooking Wine instead of White. I wasn't upset. I just shrugged my shoulders and said that the taste would probably be a little different but it wasn't a big deal. I had not used the red cooking wine before, though I do prefer drinking... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Crockpot

Is using a crockpot considered old fashioned? Honestly, just writing that makes me feel old, even though I’m not that old (still in my twenties for another few days). However, in a time when the Instant Pot is a norm, I’ve begun to wonder if maybe slow cookers are becoming a bit archaic. It's made... Continue Reading →

To Cookbook or Not?

When it comes to cooking, there are two styles in our house. One needs a cookbook or recipe to follow, every T crossed and I dotted. The other one wings it. Can you guess who uses which style? I do my best when I have a recipe to follow. I want to know what I'll... Continue Reading →

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