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3 Music Artists I Wish Received More Recognition

It was a beautiful winter day… okay beautiful might be pushing it. It’s cold and the snow that fell last night was already starting to melt by the time I woke up this morning. Now it’s just sludge. Yay. Cold and sludgey. At least there was enough snow the kids were able to build a small snowman and throw a few snowballs before Hubby left for work. I did not participate. I stayed in the house where it was warm.

So that’s how my morning has gone. How about yours? The good news is that it is Wednesday. After today there’s only two days until the weekend! At least it is here in the US. I’m pretty sure in other parts of the world it is already Thursday. What do you guys do on the weekends? I’m looking forward to relaxing since last weekend was pretty full for us. But hey, at least my house is really clean!

The idea for today’s post came when I discovered that Eric Saade’s music is finally available on the music streaming platform we use. That got me thinking about the other artists I enjoy but have limited access to and even though I know there’s more, I could only think of three before making this post. I’ll admit, maybe these artists are a lot more known than I realize, but they still deserve more recognition. I mean, good artists deserve that, right?

Eric Saade

I first discovered Eric Saade around ten years ago, I think. His song Masquerade partly influenced the masquerade party I threw back then. I came across the music video for it on youtube and eventually bought it on iTunes. It was the gateway to discovering one of my favorite artists.

For the longest time it seemed like I could only find the majority of his songs on Youtube. I checked the iTunes store frequently but not all of his albums were on there. I wasn’t too surprised because Eric Saade is a singer from Sweden. I was still disappointed though.

It’s not just Eric Saade’s vocals or genre of music that caught my attention. Saade’s dancing skills are frequently on display in his music videos. While his Masquerade first caught my attention, his video for the song Hotter than Fire is what probably cemented him in my head all those years ago. It’s a catchy song, trust me, but with the cinematography and dancing displayed in the music video, I was hooked.

With that said, if you’re looking for upbeat, dance-inducing music, Eric Saade is one to add to your playlist.

My Favorite Songs:

  • Hearts in the Air
  • Made of Pop
  • Marching (In the Name of Love)
  • Hotter than Fire
  • Masquerade
  • It’s Like that With You

Travis Atreo

Travis Atreo is one of those artists who does a cover of a song and its better than the original. At least that’s what I thought when I first discovered his version of Taylor Swift’s Clean. His mastery with vocals and a piano is so soothing. Not only that, his scaled back versions of songs often bring a new depth to the emotions in the songs he covers.

Like Eric Saade, for the longest time I had to listen to the majority of his songs on Youtube as the platforms I use had limited selections. It looks like that has been remedied now, so that’s great news. Travis Atreo covers a widespread of genre’s and he recently came out with some original songs, too.

When I think of his music, I think wedding songs. Like, his songs would be perfect for a wedding playlist. Or for any time you just need to be in your feelings. Whatever your poison in the music genre, check out Travis Atreo for a raw version.

My Favorite Songs:

  • You are the Reason/Can’t Help Falling in Love with You
  • Clean
  • Love Me Like You Do
  • Sometimes


Grayson/Reed’s song Fight for You was the song that led to my personal revelation that I am my husband’s champion. That revelation had such an impact on me that it instantly endeared this musical duo to me.

Grayson|Reed is a christian musical duo made up of husband and wife, Michael and Molly Grayson. Unfortunately it appears they only have one album which was made back in 2017. I would definitely love to hear more music from them.

The fact that they only have one album out is probably why they’re mostly unknown. Which I guess makes sense, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth listening to. You can find their album on Youtube (where else would I have discovered them lol) and I highly suggest you check them out.

My Favorite Songs:

  • Fight for You
  • How This Ends
  • Walk

Who are some of your favorite music artists?

Do they seem well known or do they deserve a little more recognition?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!!

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