Letting Go of July.

I don’t know about you, but July was the craziest month I have had so far this year. It felt like it was one thing after another with barely any time to breathe between events. When I did have time to collect myself, I was so mentally exhausted that I had nothing to contribute. So I didn’t. And that is okay.

As a blogger, we know that our audience is important. Though I didn’t write, I thought about you guys often. I missed the connection that blogging brings even though I did not have the mental space to bring you new content. I truly never expected a month to go by without a single word.

So What Did Happen?

Thankfully there are some things that did happen that I can’t wait to share with you all. For one, I finished studying the Book of Job! Guys, I’ve probably said this before and I will definitely say it again, if you haven’t actually read through Job then you really should. It is SO much more than the basic story we were taught in children’s church.

Oh! If you’d like to study with me, I began the Book of Hosea yesterday. I read one chapter every day during the week. I love reading multiple translations and currently use: Christian Standard Bible (CSB), Amplified (AMP), The Orthodox Jewish Bible (TOJB2011), Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), and New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible (NLT). If you would like to read in any of these translations, they can all be found in the YouVersion Bible App. Please don’t feel pressured to read the same translation as me. In fact, I would love to know what your favorite translation speaks to you as you study.

Anyway. So I finally finished Job. I also finished a book titled Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez. That one had a lot to unpack and process. In fact I ‘m sure I’ll discover something new the next time I read it. I’m not sure I can properly describe it in a summary, so be watching for my review this week.

Something else that finally happened was we converted our garage! Technically we’re still in the process of it, but it became a room with an actual wall instead of an unused garage door. It should be completed, or mostly completed, by the end of August. I hope. I plan on doing a whole post on the transformation once it’s done.

Converting our garage is something we have been talking about for the last few years so I am really excited that it finally happened. We’ve renamed it the Entertainment Room simply because its function will have multiple uses. Office, reading area, school room, tv and play area. So yeah, entertainment room seemed apt for it.

I unexpectedly reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen in years. I was so surprised when the first day of dance came and one of my longtime friends walked through the door with her kid. The next time it was her husband, who is also a longtime friend. It was so great to catch up with them! Hopefully there will be more get togethers now that we’ve reconnected.

And What Didn’t.

Obviously me keeping up with the blog did not happen. I also didn’t exercise as much. I started the month out doing pretty well, but it quickly fell to the wayside. Which, looking back, may have contributed to my mental exhaustion. I know that may sound backwards, but my workouts are usually me-time. I put both earbuds in and let Hubby handle the kids for an hour or so. It probably would’ve helped my physical energy levels, too, but I told myself I was too tired. Also, my normal workout space was invaded by construction, which may have been another excuse I used. The point is that I did not workout and I don’t think I did myself any favors.

Sleeping. Yeah, I did not sleep well last month. It’s normal for me to wake up during the night for a few hours, but I was jumping awake at every sound. Thankfully that isn’t normal for me because it sucked. For those of you who sleep like that: How do you survive? Multiple cups of coffee? Tea? Melatonin?

I think we can all agree that I missed two of the biggest factors for a healthy life last month. Sleeping and Exercise. Not doing both well reminded me of how important they really are to my life. I’ve known for awhile that they are often tied together. If I don’t exercise then I don’t sleep as well as I could. Factor in the stress that I was under without time to really unwind until the very last week…yeah.

Listen, I’m not trying to complain. I promise. I know that there are plenty of people who regularly miss out on one or the other and are under WAY more stress than I am. So no I’m not trying to come across as some spoiled housewife who didn’t get her way. However, real life happens to all of us. The harshness of the struggles another faces does not negate the struggles that I face, and vise-versa. Our paths are all different. Our struggles are going to be different, too.

I simply know that I have learned a lesson, one that you, the reader, perhaps need to learn or be reminded of. It’s important to find space for yourself. Sleep is important. Exercise is important. Time away from stress factors is important.

There were so many good things that happened last month, even more than I have shared here, yet stress and the upsets have overshadowed them. As my friend Katy said the other day, “I think [July] is out to get me.” I had to agree, and I know I’m not the only one. But now July is over and instead of letting the upsets continue to overshadow the good, it’s time to take control. The not-so-good happened, but that doesn’t mean I have to focus on them any more.

So I guess this post is turning into me taking a deep breath and letting the not-so-good circumstances go. It’s a new month. I’m getting back on track in the areas I failed last month. I’m reminding myself of the good and fun things that happened amidst the stressful and I’m hoping that you will do the same.

Take a deep breath. Write out the good and not-so-good events that happened last month if you need to. Then let the latter go and store the former in your heart. It’s a new month. Let’s go into it with joy together.

How was your July?

What were the good and the not-so-good? You can share them in the comments if you’d like. Thank you for reading today.

Happy Tuesday!

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