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What Does it Take to Spread the Word of God?

What does it take to spread the Word of God?

This is the question I asked myself Thursday afternoon. On Wednesday after posting my blog post for the day, I developed a headache. It was still there Thursday morning when I woke up and I ended up writing that day’s blog post while enduring a headache. I knew it was a bad idea, but Thursday’s post had been on my heart for a few weeks so I knew I needed to get it out. Shortly after writing and getting it posted, I developed a migraine from hell.

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Unfortunately, I am plagued with ocular migraines. They usually come on when I eat chocolate (R.I.P. chocolat) and ever since I became pregnant with Isbe, they can be triggered by screens––computer, iPhone, and even my e-reader. Amazingly, this time I did not lose any of my vision. However, my head was pounding so bad that I could not move and any time I did, I felt like I was going to throw up. That kind of feeling only happens during extreme headaches for me.

I took medicine, used our foam roller, and eventually took a nap before the pain was gone. Afterward, thinking on that migraine, I began thinking of people like Paul and Peter. People who go through way harsher circumstances yet never give up spreading the Word of God.

We know that Satan will do everything within his power and influence to keep us from accomplishing our calling. He will tempt us, attack us, lie to us––whatever he can to deter us from speaking God’s Word to those in need. Yet we keep on keeping on, continuing to spread the Good News.

So What Does It Take?

Sometimes, spreading the Word is a simple thing. It is easy to spread His love and word in the sanctuary. Sometimes it’s easy reaching out to a person we know is in need. Not always, but sometimes. And sometimes, spreading the Word looks like heading to Rome in chains to die. It looks like being shipwrecked and being bitten by snakes. It looks like being stoned to death or crucified upside down.

Sometimes it looks like stepping out of our comfort zones. Reaching out to people we would normally never talk with or doing things we never thought we’d do. Sometimes it’s typing out a blog post because the Word has been burning in your heart and you know you need to get it out there even though you know it could mean not being able to see for a bit followed by horrible pain.

Spreading the Word of God can take a lot out of you. It’s not always just opening your mouth to speak it to listening ears. There are attacks from the enemy that will try to prevent or punish us for speaking God’s Word. Whatever the cost, I know it’s worth it. If what I write out speaks to just one person, drawing them closer to God in some way, then it is a job well done and I will do it over and over again, no matter what it takes.

Happy Monday!

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