3 Lotions for the Self Tanning Newbie.

Gradual tanners not only allow me to obtain my preferred color, they let me learn where I am making mistakes without it being too big of a deal or hassle to remove. If you’ve ever been hesitant to try self tanners, have no fear! If you’re a self tanning newbie like me then here are three lotions that are perfect for obtaining that beautiful self tanning glow.

It is officially Spring and that means Summer is right around the corner! If you are anything like me, you love that Summer glow. In all truth, I think I look better with a tan. Since it’s still too soon to truly obtain my favorite look, so I’ve turned to self tanning lotions. I’m still new to self tanning, though I have learned some helpful tips since my last post on self tanning, and because of that, I am very thankful for gradual tanners.

FYI, this is a non-sponsored post. Everything is absolutely my own opinion and I bought all of these tanners with my own money.

Ocean Potion Ever Glow Daily Moisturizer

Ocean Potion Ever Glow

For years, Ocean Potion Ever Glow was my go-to self tanning lotion. It was light and gave me just the right buildable color. Plus it left my skin feeling nice and hydrated. The smell was great, too. My favorite thing to do after a nice afternoon in the pool was to take a shower and then apply Ever Glow everywhere. I trusted it that much.

Unfortunately, according to my recent research (as in as I’m writing this post), Ocean Potion no longer makes this moisturizer. You might still be able to find it on Amazon or Ebay. If that’s not the route you want to go, Jergens Natural Glow is listed as a good alternative. I tried Jergens a long time ago, like back when self-tanners were not at the level they are now, and I was not impressed. I’m sure they’ve improved since then so give it a try.

Bondi Sands Pure

Bondi Sands Pure

I actually already did a review on Bondi Sands Pure back in June of last year. For a full review, including some Pros and Cons, check out that review.

This is the second gradual tanner I’ve tried that I genuinely liked. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft and had none of the leftover stickiness that sometimes comes with lotions. One of the main reasons I gave this particular brand a try is because it is labeled as Clean by multiple stores, is Non-Comedogenic, and it contains ingredients like Vitamins C and E and Hyaluronic Acid––all good ingredients for the skin!

If you’re sensitive to smells then this may be a great option for you, too. Many self tanners, even gradual daily lotions, have a certain smell. Bondi Sands Pure does not have that smell. In case you’re doubting, please know that I, too, am sensitive to smells.

It dried quickly, within five minutes, so it would be perfect if you’re short on time. It also did not turn me orange, a problem I seem to have due to the yellow tone of my skin. I also noticed color after one application, which doesn’t always happen with gradual tanners.

One thing I will say is if you try this tanner then wear a tanning mitt when applying. Even though I washed my hands thoroughly afterwards, my palms still turned dark, especially after a few applications. So yeah, wear a mitt. A good one is from Tarte and it only costs around $8.

Tarte Brazilliance Plus+

Tarte Brazilliance Plus

Speaking of Tarte, I love their Brazilliance Plus+ tanner. I tried this one after my success with Bondi Sands Pure. It has a lot of good reviews and I love Tarte cosmetics so I had to try it!

If you’re really new to self tanning, this may be the one for you. It does produce color after one application, but it is not as much as the Pure tanner. That first application gave me more of a subtle glow with a tiny bit of color. Really it has just enough color to see where you might be applying the tanner too heavily. It come out super dark, but the developed color is nowhere near the color that comes out of the bottle. It is also a cleaner option if that’s what you’re looking for.

It does have a slightly longer dry time than Pure as Tarte recommends waiting 10 minutes before dressing. I also like to apply it earlier in the day simply because it can feel sticky afterward. If I try to apply it closer to bed time, I don’t sleep as well because I’m a mental case about accidentally sweating it off. The sticky feeling does go away and my skin is left feeling really soft even the day after.

Tarte offers a tanning duo with Brazilliance Plus and the Tanning Mitt together on their website. If you want to try it out, they do have a Mini size, which is what I have here.

What’s Your Pick?

I know there are a lot of good self tanners out there, but these three are definitely my favorites. I have had great experiences with them and none of them have turned me into the dreaded cheeto (yes, this has happened to me before).

If you were to try one, which one would you pick? Let me know in the comments!

If you have found another tanner that you like, I’d love to know about it, too.

I hope this review has helped you get one step closer to having a beautiful Summer glow!

Happy Wednesday!

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