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5 Things I love About Winter

December snuck up on me. I’ve been busy with some decluttering projects and completely forgot to finish planning my posts for blogmas! Oops. To kick off this lovely last month, I’m going to share a few things that I do love about winter. I’ve mentioned multiple times before that I prefer summer, and that remains true, but there are a few things I actually do like about winter.

Winter Wonderland


What’s winter without snow? Honestly there’s no point to the cold if there isn’t going to be any snow. It has always been magical to me. My first memory of snow was seeing it piled in the back of someone’s truck bed and I had to ask my mom what it was. True story.

As I got older and spent my winter breaks in a northern state, I was able to experience snow on at least a yearly basis. Unfortunately I no longer spend so much time up north and snow is something I definitely miss.

Fires in the Fireplace

Maybe it’s all the happy memories I have of sitting in front of my aunt’s fireplace, but there’s something soothing about a fire popping merrily along. Although I did learn early on that reading by firelight is not exactly as fun or as easy as I had romanticized.

A couple weeks ago I walked into the house and something smelled amazing. I was about to ask my hubby what he’d made for dinner when I turned the corner into our living room and saw a merry little fire blazing in our fireplace. I’m pretty sure I decided we should buy our house the moment I walked in and saw the fireplace. If there’s a fire going you can always find me sitting close to it if not directly in front of it.

Hot Drinks

It’s not that I don’t drink hot drinks during warmer months, because I totally do, I just feel like people aren’t giving me weird looks when I drink them during the colder months. At least that’s the thought I had back when I was in public more, before I became a SAHM.

Besides, is there anything better than warming up with a cup of hot apple cider after a few hours of ice skating or walking in a park full of Christmas Lights? It’s one of the best parts!

Fuzzy Blankets

I love blankets. Soft, fuzzy blankets in particular. I will gladly accept a fuzzy blanket as a proper Christmas present. Even now, I’m typing this while curled up under a warm blanket. Yes they’re another thing I enjoy year round, but they’re more abundantly on sale during the colder months. You can find at least one blanket in just about every room of our house. We have so many blankets I could use a second linen closet. The thing about blankets in the winter is that I can curl up under them and not risk too hot or sweaty.

Blankets are also a simple to make. If you need a simple present idea that’s also personal, look no further than making a blanket! I’ve made my husband two over the years and they are definitely his favorite and most used present.

Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights. I have as much fun as the kids do when we drive around looking at all the decorated houses and parks. My hubby proposed to me on a bridge that was decorated with Christmas lights because I told him it was my favorite attraction in the whole park. Like snow, there’s something magical about Christmas lights.

I even like hanging Christmas lights in the house. The first year we were married, I tried to line the hallway of our first house with lights. Of course I used tape so they kept falling and we ended up taking them down. Last night we pulled out Christmas decorations and ended up hanging up some colored lights in the doorway between the kitchen and living room.

I realize most of these have to do with being warm, either physically or emotionally. Maybe while the weather is cold we need that extra warmth. Or is that just me? Winter can be magical, but the things that make it magical are so fleeting while the actual season seems to drag on and on. Summer never seems to last long enough and winter often seems to last too long.

What do you like about winter?

Is there something in particular that you like about winter, too? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Monday!

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