5 Reasons I Love Summer.

Summer never seems to last long enough for me. It is my favorite season. I am definitely a girl with summer in her soul. Why do I love summer so much? I’m glad you asked! Here are 5 reasons I love summer!

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Ah swimming. I’m pretty sure I was destined to be a mermaid, but God needed me on land too much. I love swimming. There is literally nothing like it. My ideal day is spending a day swimming in the sunshine, taking cat naps beside (or on) the water. It is the most relaxing thing out there for me.

This year we bought a bigger size pool and I’ve been able to actually swim a little bit and it has been glorious. It’s even big enough that we bought some floaties! I, of course, got sunburned on my first day swimming by myself, but it was worth it.

The only thing better than swimming in a pool is swimming in the ocean. If you’ve been around here, you know that my dream is to live closer to the ocean. The sound of waves lapping alone is enough, but swimming in the ocean is great, too.

I do not, however, like swimming in lakes. As a child I swam in a contaminated lake and ended up in the hospital for over a month. I now hesitate to swim in most lakes. I will, however, put on my bathing suit and sit on the shore or get on a jet ski. But actually swimming? No thank you.

Rolling the Windows Down

I don’t care how hot it is, I will roll my car window down and blast that AC. It might seem dumb, but I always loved driving home from work with my windows down and my music blaring (yep, I can be one of those people). We used to live on a winding, tree lined road that was just the perfect road for that kind of driving. Who am I kidding? Any kind of road is perfect for that kind of driving. Except highways, though I have done that a time or two.

Tan Lines

Okay, yes, I know that being tan is actually bad for you. I am currently working on my sunless tanning technique so I can have it corrected for when that cold weather comes. Until then, I will be soaking up those rays, although safely with a good SPF. (See, I’m learning.)

Why do I enjoy tan lines so much? I honestly am not sure. Maybe it’s a throwback to being a kid growing up in that California sunshine. However, I am pale as a ghost. Literally, Ade is darker than me in the winter months. If I put on a white dress, you’re going to think the ghost of some long dead tragic girl is coming for you.

I don’t think I’m unpretty with my pale skin, I even go through phases where it’s all I want, but I often do feel more comfortable when I’m tan. Plus, there are a ton of cute stickers out there for just the purpose of being tan.


I do not like rainy or cloudy weather. I just don’t. I prefer natural light to a lamp and will throw open all my curtains on a sunny day so that my house can be filled with sunshine. The only thing better than sunshine is a night sky filled with bright stars.

A cold day can seem warmer all because the sun is shining. During the summer, just a short time in the sunshine can make my freckles POP and I think they’re beautiful. How anyone can hate their freckles is beyond me, except my brother and he only has a right to dislike them because I still attempt to count them. Rainbows are beautiful and they’re not possible without sunshine. If you’re in the right spot, they are possible without rain though.

Anything is Possible

When summer comes around, it feels like anything is possible. The world is fully awake, the potential for many adventures lies ahead. It’s a time for daydreams and making the dreams you’ve dreamed in winter come true. I guess maybe that’s why I really enjoy summer. I feel like anything is possible. The world is brighter, and therefore, life is brighter. I get to do the things I enjoy the most and my imagination runs wild. I can finally pretend to be that mermaid I was originally destined to be.I

It’s a season of hope. Of beauty. A season of so many things that I can’t seem to adequately put into words. It’s a time to be wild and be free. God put summer in my soul, and maybe He’s the only One who truly knows why.

What’s your favorite thing about Summer? How are you going to enjoy this Summer?

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