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Our Mini-Cation: Where to Eat and Sleep in Bricktown.

Do you guys ever have a day when electronics just hate you? That was my Monday. My laptop was dead, my internet was spotty because of the storms, and my phone was on the fritz again. On top of the other problems, I could use a vacation again. Unfortunately that’s not happening so soon, but I can take myself back to easier times by telling you about our last vacation. How’s that? Since I didn’t get a blog post up yesterday, I’m giving you guys a two-for-one: where we ate and slept in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown.

Our Hotel

View from our Hotel Room

When we were looking for hotels to stay at for our min-cation in OKC, there were two requirements: Location and Pool. We knew we wanted to go to the zoo and the aquarium, so we wanted to be relatively close to both of those locations. In our search, we found some pretty cool looking hotels (like the WangShi China Palace Bed and Breakfast, Aloft, and Omni hotels) but we ultimately decided on the Hampton Inn & Suites in Bricktown.

We honestly picked this hotel because of the kid-centered pool area. What I didn’t realize until we arrived in the hotel room is that the hotel looks directly into the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. We all thought that was pretty cool even if we did miss the tournament that went on. The hotel itself was about 12-20 minutes away from everywhere we wanted to visit and it is surrounded by places to eat.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. One of them even remembered the various toys she saw the kids carting around and asked about them. They adhered to CDC guidelines and now that I think about it, we always saw someone cleaning every time we left our room. They never treated us as if we were an inconvenience and they paid attention. When you stay at a hotel, you expect the staff to be diligent, kind, and to pay attention, however the staff there was noticeably so.

The only complaint that we really have with this hotel was the beds. Unfortunately, they were very uncomfortable to sleep in. The topper on mine kept coming off during the night. Both the hubby and I woke up sore. The beds definitely needed an update. The kids, thankfully, slept on them no problem. In fact, Isbe didn’t even want to sleep in her travel bed, so I let her sleep in bed with me.

The Wedge Pizzeria

The Wedge Pizzeria

The second night we were in OKC, we walked to The Wedge Pizzeria. By that time, I was craving something healthy and ordered a the Fresh Spinach salad, which was absolutely perfect. Of course we all loved the classic signature pizza place red cups. The hubby was able to order a custom pizza, which he said was delicious. Actually, I’m pretty sure the kids agreed because they may have ate more of his than their own pizza. Seriously, if you are in or near Bricktown and want a great place to go eat, visit The Wedge Pizzeria.

The Signature Red Cup of Pizza Eateries

The location we visited had both outdoor and indoor eating areas. Even though the servers were busy (seriously, they did not rest for a single moment that we saw), we never felt ignored. The food was out in a timely manner and, like I said, so good. The place itself looked really neat, as are most places in Bricktown, and we wondered what it was originally. When you enter, you can even see the brick oven where the pizza is baked! Thankfully the open oven didn’t make the restaurant temperatures unbearable. If you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was there, temperature wise.

Fresh Spinach Salad

Sorry about the half-eaten picture, I always forget to take one beforehand. However, this Fresh Spinach salad was too delicious to not share with you all. I have plans to try and make it at home. I wish there was a Wedge Pizzeria near us just so I could have this salad again.

It was about an eight minute walk from our hotel to The Wedge. It was a nice evening and I had a lot of fun looking at all the homes and businesses we passed. Bricktown really is a beautiful place to visit and we’ve already decided that we will be going back. There is so much that we didn’t get to do because of the rain (the canal tour, visiting the botanical gardens, to name two). You can bet that The Wedge will be one of our stops when we do.

Sunset on our walk back

Have you visited Bricktown in Oklahoma City before? What is your favorite thing to do there? What about your favorite place to eat in the Bricktown area?

Happy Tuesday!

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