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3 Podcasts I Enjoy Listening To.

Hello everyone. How are you on this Tuesday? I have to say that I am exhausted, the kind of exhaustion that’s both mental and physical. Which isn’t good when I have a sink full of dishes that need cleaned and other work that needs done here. Maybe I need to blast some Toby Mac today.

What do you do when you are exhausted?

I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s supposed to rain for the next three days starting today. Maybe it’s the toll of the last few weeks catching up with me. I’ve been prepping myself mentally for work that keeps getting pushed back for various reasons. It happened again yesterday and I now have to wait another week to hopefully get step one of everything completed. I’m just done with the whole predicament. I’m really needing those green pastures and quiet waters, know what I mean?

I apologize if it seems like I’m rambling. I don’t mean to, this is just how my thoughts often connect to each other. Today I want to share with you some podcasts that I enjoy.


I have only recently really gotten into podcasts. I am still exploring and finding ones that I enjoy. However, I have found a small few that I can recommend.

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break French Podcast

Like it sounds, this podcast teaches the listener how to speak French in short 30 minute increments. This time period makes it easy to get a lesson in either at lunch, during a coffee break, or as I used to do, on a lengthier commute to work. The host, Mark, is great in breaking down the basics and sounds of the language.

If French isn’t your thing, there are other Coffee Break language podcasts to choose from. There’s even an online course if you wish to learn that way, though unlike the podcast, the online course does cost money.

One Extraordinary Marriage

One Extraordinary Marriage Podcast

I discovered this podcast a few years ago and would listen to it when I went running. Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo are the hosts of this podcast and they are not shy about putting it all on the table. I had been married about six years when I discovered this podcast and I still blushed. However, it’s their rawness that actually helps listeners understand the topics they’re covering.

If you want frank and real marriage advice, but are too embarrassed to actually ask someone, this would be the podcast to listen to.

She Reads Truth Podcast

She Reads Truth Podcast

This is my most recent discovery. The SRT Podcast actually correlates with their Community Reading Plans, which I did not realize when I first started listening. Listening to Amanda and Rachel, along with their guest, brought so much insight, even before I began any of their reading plans. In fact, it was the podcast that made me want to read their studies. My favorite one (so far) is De-Resolutions & Daily Life with Jesus.

Though these podcasts are to break down their community reading plans, they are great to listen to on their own. If you are interested in the accompanying plans, you can find them for free on their website.

I hope you forgive my rambling and that you check out these podcasts. Even if you don’t think podcasts are your thing (I certainly didn’t) I encourage you to give them a try. You never know what you’ll find!

Do you have a favorite podcast?

I’d love to hear what it is and what your favorite episode is! Let me know in the comments!

Happy Tuesday!

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    1. I’ve started to listen to audio books recently, as well. I think I just retain things better when I read it as opposed to just listening.
      I will have to check out his podcast!

      Liked by 1 person

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