4 Ways I Fight Addiction to My Phone.

It seemed like for awhile there, my phone was constantly attached to my hand. I carried it from room to room and the lure to look at it became hard to ignore. You know those pictures where there’s one or two people with a phone in their hand while life goes on around them or their children beg for their attention? I wasn’t quite that bad, but it felt like it sometimes. I knew I needed to change, so I figured out ways to fight addiction to my phone. Thanks to Olivia over at olivialucieblake.com, whose post How Social Media is Destroying Us was the inspiration for this post. Thanks Olivia!

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com
  1. Set My Phone to Do Not Disturb

My phone goes to DND mode at a certain time at night. I do have it set so that if a person calls me twice in a row it will ring just so I don’t miss any emergencies. Otherwise, all notifications are silenced. This way I’m not tempted to look at that new post or answer a message when I should be doing something else like sleeping. If I’m having a conversation prior to the time DND kicks on then I might check my phone, but I’ve worked to make it a habit to not do that.

2. I Bought an Apple Watch

This may seem counter-productive, but wearing the watch has allowed me to step away from my phone without worry of missing a phone call or text, mainly from my husband when he’s at work. I only have one extra app loaded on my watch so I won’t get into the same rut as with my phone. It also helps when I need to locate my phone, which is a big worry as I often still have “pregnancy brain” (or is it called “mom brain” now?) and forget where I put things.

3. I Set a Time Limit

Screen Time Limit

Before I had my watch and carried my phone everywhere, I set a time limit on my social media usage. I set aside a two hour block during the day when I would not touch my phone. I had to put in a password in order to peruse any of my apps, and I honestly felt guilty every time I did it. If I wanted to look something up, instead of falling down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and the internet, I would make a note on our whiteboard to remind myself later.

4. My Phone Goes on the Charger

Sometimes I’ll purposefully run my battery down so that I have to put my phone on the charger during the day. My charger stays in my bedroom on my nightstand and I’m usually in the living room throughout the day. It might not seem like much, but at least I know where my phone is without becoming a screen zombie.

Do you find yourself becoming a screen zombie, too? What are some ways you fight the addiction?

I hope these suggestions help you fight your own phone addiction! Happy Friday!

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