My Little Herb Garden.

It’s finally happening, guys! I am getting my herb garden. This is something I have wanted for awhile now and it is going to happen this Spring. Question: Do you say Herb with an H or not? I used to pronounce the H until my mom told me it was silent. However, I recently heard someone on a podcast who was from Australia say she does pronounce the H. So now I’m curious. Tell me in the comments below.

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Back to my herb garden. The desire for an herb garden not coincidentally bloomed in me shortly after I was gifted my first two recipe books. I tried buying herb packs at the store, but I felt I was wasting money because I wouldn’t use the full packages. The majority of herbs (usually basil leaf) sat in a drawer in the fridge until they went bad. How much easier it would be to just pick what I needed and not worry about the rest ruining. So I began thinking about what kind of herbs I would want to plant. Basil Leaf, Oregano, and Rosemary were the first ones I knew I wanted. I’m still trying to finalize my list, but Mint and Parsley are added possibilities.

There’s two reasons I finally pitched my idea to my hubby. The first is that I wanted to start a gardening unit in our homeschool curriculum. According to both of our research, herbs are fairly easy to grow and therefore a useful introduction to gardening. The second reason is that I want to involve Ade in the kitchen more. Not only do I want him to help with the dishes (how much easier it would be if he took care of his dishes alone!) I also want to introduce him to cooking. I think the herbs that he will help grow would be a good introduction. We decided we would also add a row of simple flowers for Isbe to help care for, as well. Hopefully she won’t pick them all.

Growing up, we had a full on garden in our backyard. From okra to cantaloupe to corn, it was in our garden. I had so much fun working in that garden. While I don’t currently have plans for a full garden in our current backyard, it is not something I will count out. I love fresh produce. What better way to have it than to grow it in my own backyard? However that is a project that’s a few years away.

We already have some containers that will work for planter boxes. Hopefully we’ll be going this week to buy our herbs and soil. We need to do it quickly because it is time to plant in my area! In preparation, I’ll be reading to the kids from our Smithsonian Encyclopedia: Trees, Leaves, Flowers, and Seeds. My kids already like playing in the dirt so fingers crossed that this will be something else they’ll enjoy doing. I know I will! I can’t wait to bring fresh herbs into the kitchen.

Have you ever planted an herb garden? Do you have any tips or advice? What would you plant in a garden?

Happy Monday!

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