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March Reads and Reviews

March where have you gone? I love March and it feels like I just wrote my post welcoming March. This has been a busy month for us and I only had so much time for reading, plus I spent a week and some days reading and re-reading a 750+ page book. So…yeah. Still, I am so excited to tell you about this month’s reads and reviews. Let’s get to it!

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

If you follow me on Instagram, this book may look familiar to you. I posted a picture of the sequel (which I’m currently re-reading) in my stories on Wednesday. Well, I am so excited to tell you about this book, the beginning of a powerful trilogy.

According to the little summary on the back, A Voice in the Wind is about Hadassah, a young Jewish girl who becomes a slave after Rome conquers and destroys Jerusalem. Torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, a young slave girl clings to her faith in the living God for deliverance from the forces of decadent Rome. This book is so much more than that.

While it is true that Hadassah does fall in love with her Master’s son and struggles with her feelings for him, her biggest struggle is feeling inadequate and wondering why God spared her life when the rest of her family died. We also see Hadassah through the eyes of those around her. Her masters: Decimus and Pheobe Valerian; their son, Marcus; and their daughter, Julia. They all notice and are drawn to the sweetness and peace that exudes from Hadassah as she serves them. Yet forces they know nothing of are at war against their sweet slave, and as the darkness encompasses one of their own, Hadassah fights until the end for their salvation.

This book is life changing. I don’t often say that, at least in regards to my own experience. This is literally the one book that has affected me in such a capacity. Hadassah struggles with speaking of her Christian faith and often feels that no matter how much she says, the words are not the correct ones. I don’t think I’m the only one who has felt this very way. From the way she seeks God to the witness she gives in her very actions and words, Hadassah sets an example for Christians everywhere. She is the epitome of someone who serves out of a place of True Love. I could go on and on about this book, but am also afraid of giving away too much. Please, please, pick up this book (and the next two if you feel so inclined). I promise you will not be disappointed.

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

ACOSF by Sarah J. Maas

If you read last month’s reads and reviews then this book probably comes as no surprise to you as I reviewed the two previous books.

ACOSF is about Nesta and Cassian. Nesta has spiraled into a hole of depression, loathing, and PTSD. She’s cut herself off from everyone, including her favorite sister, Elaine, and Amren, the only friend she had. Cassian once made a promise to Nesta to protect her and her family at all costs. Since then he’s had to watch with her family as Nesta self-destructs. As a way to save her, Nesta’s youngest sister and High Lady of the Night Court, Feyre, orders Nesta to work in the Library under the House of Wind and to be trained by Cassian in self-defense. As Nesta works through the turmoil inside, she opens up to the others who have also been hurt, while also inevitably drawing closer to Cassian. But the treachery of the human queens isn’t far behind and neither are other dangers to her family. Nesta will have to make a choice, but will she choose to fight for others or will her power and self-hatred consume her?

I was so excited to finally get this book. I read all 751 pages in roughly 48 hours, and then re-read it again a few more times. One thing I will say right off the bat is that I was not expecting it to be as erotic as it was. I mean, is this book still classified as YA? It should really be classified as NA (New Adult) or whatever comes after that. I was honestly shocked because I wasn’t expecting it. In my personal opinion, this is not a book for teenagers. I realize I’m probably in the minority with my opinion, but that’s how I feel.

Otherwise, I loved reading this novel. I can’t wait to see where SJM goes next. I have so many questions and about a dozen of them have to do with the Valkyries. I would love to see even a few Illyrians being forced to train with them and grudgingly come to respect them as the warriors they are. Of course no one is surprised by the *ahem* long awaited confirmation (if you know, you know). I literally screamed out with happiness and excitement at that scene. Like I said, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us ACOTAR fans in the future.

She Reads Truth Bible

She Reads Truth CSB Bible

I realize this isn’t a novel, however I really wanted to include it here. Simply put, I am impressed with it. Yes it may be just a Bible (is any Bible just a bible though?) but the extra information provided is so amazing. I mean, there’s a map of where Jesus went and did right before that last Passover. I love how it was translated, too. It’s not as wordy as the Amplified (which is also a favorite) but there’s some extra interpretation that is closer to the original text than my NLT version.

You may also notice that there are TWO ribbon bookmarks. This may be because the SRT Bible is a bit larger than other bibles (did I mention the extra information?). However, I am of the official opinion that all Bibles should include two bookmarks. Since I’m currently studying multiple books, one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament, I can easily mark both books without losing my place in either book. Wonderful.

If you’re looking for a new bible, this one from She Reads Truth is a must. Their website,, also has a He Reads Truth Bible for men, and a Kids Read Truth section full of resources for teaching children all about God’s Love and studying the bible. They also have reading plans if you’re into that kind of thing. I fully recommend their Fruit of the Spirit one.

What have you read this month? Do you have any recommendations for me to check out, too?

Happy Friday!


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