A Celebratory Welcome to March.

Mondays are typically the day when I tell you guys what’s up in my kitchen; what recipes I’m cooking, what food or product I’m loving. However, all I can think about today is that it is the first day of March. The Green month, the first month of Spring. So many reasons to celebrate this magnificent month. My family and I have another reason to celebrate this month, too. March just so happens to be mine and my husband’s birthday month! To the month of March, I’d like to say: Welcome!

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes March

March has always been special to me simply because of my birthday and the miraculous story that comes with that day. It was this time last year that we learned of my older brother’s heart condition. March of last year was also the last time I was in the dance studio before the pandemic changed all of our lives. I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year since I was hanging out in my home-away-from-home. I am praying it’s not another year before I’m back there again.

I’ve spent the last few weeks planning what to post this month. I really want to embrace and celebrate this month with you guys. With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to remember that new life is coming. The dreariness of winter–of the last year, really–is coming to an end. I’m honestly viewing it as dawn finally arriving.

Since this is Monday and it is normally a cooking post day, tell me: What are your favorite dishes to make when celebrating?

In what ways will you be celebrating this month? There’s so much to observe this month, from the Feast of Saint Patrick to the coming of Spring, I say find something to celebrate!

Happy Monday!

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