And…We’re Still in Diapers.

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? It’s been chilly but bright for us today.

Last November I wrote about our most recent potty training journey with Isbe. I was convinced she would be fully potty trained by the time the new year rolled around. Well in case you haven’t guessed, it didn’t happen. She was doing really well, exceedingly well, and then she wasn’t. Maybe I should’ve seen this coming. My hubby certainly did.

Thankfully we haven’t had a full regression. Though Isbe isn’t going in the potty, she does continue to sit on it and she is telling us when she does go, just after the fact. She can also take off and put on her diapers, which admittedly can be disastrous if she doesn’t tell us when she’s gone number two. Thankfully she has an older brother who is strangely suspicious of any smell and will call out that Isbe needs a diaper change.

I was honestly hoping by this time that we would have a little girl running around in her Frozen underwear. Nope. I have debated a time or two of just putting them on her and letting her run around since most of our flooring is hardwood and tile. The only thing that has stopped me are the rugs. They’re not the easiest to clean. You guys out there feel my frustration? So what’s a mom to do about it?

We still encourage her to sit on her potty.
Any time she says she needs to go, we let her sit on it. Whenever I use their bathroom, I let her come with me so she can sit on hers, too.

I continue to ask if she needs to go.
Throughout the day, I will ask if she needs to go. Often she’ll say yes and run exuberantly into the bathroom, sit, and then get up five seconds later. Depending on what I’m doing (read: cooking dinner or not) I have her sit back down and stay there for a moment more.

We still do not use the reward system.
I feel like this is a rabbit hole I do not want us to fall down. I did it with Ade and it did not benefit us in the long run at all. It may work for a time but once we start to phase out of it, so does the desire to use the potty.

At this point it’s going to be completely up to Isbe to decide she’s ready to go. Do I dream of the day I don’t have to change a diaper? Of course I do! What parent doesn’t? But we’re not in a rush like we were with Ade. For now we’ll keep encouraging her and let her go at her own pace. I mean, she knows how to do it, she just won’t. I have to remember that there’s plenty of things I know how to do and won’t.

Was your child hard to potty train? Did they ever have a regression like this? How old was your child when they finally reached the potty training stage? Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for accomplishing the potty training goal?

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “And…We’re Still in Diapers.

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  1. My daughter is a weirdo when it comes to potty training. She gets the concept and is happy to go whenever she needs to but when she is lazy, she doesn’t care that she doesn’t have a diaper. I’ve tried making her clean up with me after she had an “accident” and she enjoyed it so I let that go immediately. Also, it’s never really an accident because I take her to the loo and she refuses to use it then she pees on herself 5 mins later 🤦🏾‍♀️

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    1. Kids are so weird! Have you kept her in underwear or do you use pull-ups? I may need to know for future reference 😆 Isbe loves helping me clean and will throw a fit if I don’t let her.

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      1. We have her in underwear during the day then pull-ups at night because there is no way I’m changing sheets in the middle of the night! Lol
        Let’s hope she still loves cleaning when she’s a teen 😅

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      2. That’s what we did with Ade when he was first potty trained! I was so nervous when we finally switched to underwear full time 😬
        I’m trying to cultivate her cleaning love so hopefully it’ll stick with her 🤞🏻


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